Challenge: Double Agents

Devin Calls Out Fessy on Instagram Live

Devin says Fessy is too cocky, only has size to save him.

Devin recently went on Instagram Live to call out Fessy, who seems to be confident he can beat almost any other competitor in the game. According to Devin, it’s not likely.

Devin Fessy IG Live

Devin called out Fessy for only doing competitions he’s 100% confident he can win, and only volunteering for eliminations where size can trump any other factor. He also cites Fessy’s elimination against Jordan on Total Madness. Not only was size a major factor, but it was a game of Pole Wrestle and Jordan only has six fingers.

Fessy is 6 foot 5 inches, weights 250 pounds, and is bigger than almost anyone else on the cast. Of course this is going to give him a sense of security in Hall Brawl. Even though Nelson is good, Fessy has 50 pounds and over half a foot on him.

This does seem to be consistent with Fessy’s edit. He doesn’t do great with endurance, puzzles, drone flying, or strategy. He just depends on his size, but struggles elsewhere. This is why he came in fourth on Total Madness and struggled at the check points in the final.

The real question: could Devin beat Fessy? Maybe we will see this season.

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