Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Top Moments from Episode 6

The most important moments on Episode 6 of Double Agents

One Tori gone. One skull for Aneesa.

  1. Agent Away

The episode opens with an emotional Aneesa coming into the house who just eliminated her best friend Tori. This brings Theresa’s commitments into question. The bigger struggle is occurring within Lio. He is missing his family, including his wife who is pregnant. Plus, these environment is challenging his mental health. He grew up in a group home and waking up to strangers is triggering memories of his past. Ultimately, Lio decides to remove himself from the game leaving Gabby without a partner. So, she absorbs Rogue Agent Devin.

2. Final Before the Final

Mission Smuggle Run

This week competitors are playing in Mission: Smuggle Run and it’s sponsored by P3 Protein Packs. This challenge is a mini final, and will be a five mile run. Teams need to pick up a capsule and complete multiple checkpoints before getting to the end. Immediately, people struggle to position the capsule on their shoulders. People with size differences have a particularly hard time, and the check points aren’t giving them much of a break. First they use the capsule to get over a wall, then they need to solve a puzzle with the pieces in the capsule. This puzzle seems to be a bottleneck, because only Cory & Ashley and Jay & Theresa solve it. Everyone else times out, except Aneesa & Fessy who solve it because they’re so far back that they’re not going to win. Now it’s a sprint through water and mud between Cory & Ashley and Jay & Theresa. Cory & Ashley start their sprint running in the wrong direction, and this costs them a lot of time. Enough time that Jay & Theresa narrowly win the challenge AND $6,000 each. If it wasn’t for the mistake, this would have likely been Cory & Ashley’s game.

3. Old Vets in a New Vet Game

Theresa has established herself as a wildcard in the game, having allegiances with veterans and rookies. Jay discourages her by stating the next weeks will be chancy and she should try to get rid of her competition. This places a target on Ashley who was a couple of steps behind her in the challenge. Theresa runs through the house and rallies to get votes for Ashley. At deliberation, Ashley tries to build a case for herself because the men will find her a great partner in the final and she’s not an easy win for the girls. Despite this, the majority of the house votes in Ashley and Cory’s on the hook too.

4. No Warning Signs

Theresa Kam

Now that Theresa has power, she is trying to determine her best option for competitor number two. Old drama is emerging, and Theresa suggests Nany’s name. Her other option is Kam, which would guarantee a strong girl leaves. Theresa tries to give Kam a heads up, saying she’d be happy to send Kam into a headbanger. Meanwhile, Cory asks Jay for a heads up if he’s going in, but Jay promised he’d Theresa he would tell anyone the house picks. At The Crater, Cory & Ashley are shocked and mad to see their names. It doesn’t look like a headbanger, but Kam & Kyle get called into elimination. Now, Ashley is facing Kam in an elimination.

5. Hook Ups

Kam Jump

The elimination is called Dead Ringer and it’s a game of speed and coordination. Players start on a podium and must swing to place rings on a hooks all around the podium. Both girls have a hard time to get momentum, but Kam quickly gets her rhythm. Ashley drops a couple of rings, but eventually figures out how to gain speed and hook her rings. This plan seems to be too little too late because Kam’s slower but methodical approach allows her to get all six rings without dropping any.

Now, Kam is back and returns to Kyle. Cory left in the game as a rogue agent.

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  1. Theresa is such a legend, her return makes me so happy since I never expected to see her after Exes II. The way she made Kyle and co. so pressed was soo good.

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