Big Brother Challenge: Double Agents

Does Big Brother Really Suck?

It seems "Big Brother Sucks" is the mantra of Double Agents. Are they really that bad?

There’s been a few occasions when people have actively opposed the Big Brother players in the Double Agents house. Most notably, Devin used this language to antagonize Fessy and Josh on episode 7 of Double Agents. This easily riled them up and resulted in a shoving match between Devin and Josh.

Josh Devin shove

From a game standpoint, at the Big Brother players really that bad?

To put it simply, no. Overall they’re pretty decent, but they have placed the target on their backs and made themselves and made some sloppy social moves. For example, Fessy betrayed Team Young Buck when he faced Nelson in Hall Brawl. Anyone that saw Big Brother 20 knows he can make illogical decisions with selfish intents (like when he got Scottie evicted). Likely, Fessy will feel the impact of his move.

Josh is the only player you could say sucks. If we’re being completely fair, he does decently well in the daily challenges. He’s either average or slightly above average. However, his elimination record is terrible and his social game is a mess. He randomly targeted his ally Jay earlier this week and he seems to lack trust with a lot of his allies.

Kaycee is a good competitor and one of the stronger females. She won the Aerial Takedown mission for her team and did her part in winning Road Kill. She might not be a great partner for Leroy because she doesn’t compliment his skill set, but she is tough and likely intimidates the other players. When it comes to alliances, she’s much more rational and seems to be the glue to Josh’s destructions.

Amber B. doesn’t seem to be lumped with the rest of the Big Brother competitors, but she has also proven to be a loyal player in the game. Of course, she is from Big Brother 16. This means she’s removed from the BB19 and BB20 players. She seems to be loyal to the newbies in the game, and she looks out for Darrell. After seven weeks we haven’t seen a lot of her, but she doesn’t seem to be as polarizing at the other players.

When Devin says Big Brother sucks, he is really just looking for a fight. Just like the Are You the One kids were targeted on Rivals 3. When people have numbers in the game other people will be afraid. Especially when some of the players are tough and stand a chances at outperforming the veterans.

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