Challenge: Double Agents

No More Gold Skulls for the Men: Who’s Screwed?

No more free skulls, but more eliminations. Which men are in jeopardy?

Finally, we are at a point where Double Agents has to be shaken up. There are no more gold skulls for the men to earn, so there’s only one way to get a gold skull: beat a current holder.

The five men with gold skulls are:

  • Kyle
  • Devin
  • Fessy
  • Leroy
  • Josh

It’s hard to know how many more eliminations there will be, but some of the guys will be targeted before others.

The easiest target is Josh, who won his first elimination in four seasons. However, he beat Mechie who wasn’t an intimidating competitor. Any of the remaining competitors would want to face Josh before anyone else.

The next target would be Devin. While Devin is decent at puzzles and might be a bit more savvy than Josh, he’s not super strong. Remember, most of the guys are itching for a physical elimination and nothing else. If it’s physical, someone might volunteer to go down and take Devin’s skull, but there is some gamble associated with going against him.

Kyle is the wild card, because he’s not always perceived to be a huge threat. However, he often pulls out a win when people don’t expect him to excel. He’s also pretty tall and connected to other people in the game. Taking on Kyle would be risky, but there are bigger and more dangerous opponents to face.

When it comes to physical eliminations, Fessy is the last person you’d want to see. I couldn’t see any of the remaining contenders wanting to face Fessy, but I could see the existing skull holders trying to jeopardize Fessy’s game. If someone like Leroy or Kyle gains power, he might want to throw Fessy into elimination. This is a surefire way to get a big competitor out of the game.

Leroy is likely the most secure. He’s a huge threat when it comes to strength and speed eliminations, but there would also be repercussions for attempting to take his skull. He’s connect to Kam, and she would try to seek revenge on anyone who jeopardized Leroy’s game. I would be shocked to see Leroy go into another elimination, but it is theoretically possible.

Now, for the contenders. Four remain: Cory, CT, Darrell, and Nam. Who will get a chance to compete?

It all depends on the number of remaining eliminations. CT could easily be in a power position where he could volunteer himself into elimination. If he does, then he stands a good chance of getting a skull. Darrell has been quiet so far this season, but he is also a solid contender. He could win a challenge and throw himself down as well.

For Nam and Cory, the struggle might be harder. Nam seems like he’s on a strong team with Lolo, but they haven’t won anything yet. Nam might stand a chance at winning an elimination, but he probably isn’t going to get a lot of support from the house. Meanwhile, Cory’s game seems to be built on kryptonite. All of his partners are losing and he has a revolving door of teammates. He would need to have something big happen to get his skull. A lot of his allies are betraying him, and it seems people don’t care about his success.

For the next couple of weeks, I expect to see the girls playing. After that, I would think the house will try to move some skulls around. Similar to Total Madness, I doubt they will have to send people into elimination to earn skulls, but people will try to make moves so allies have their ticket to run in the final. The game could be getting more interesting and more cutthroat.

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