Challenge: War of the Worlds

Theo Campbell Is a Father!

Theo has a son!

Theo took to Instagram this morning to reveal a surprise to his fans, and maybe even some of his friends. He has a son!

Theo Campbell

Baby Aries Campbell was born on Feb. 7, 2021, and Theo hadn’t dropped any hints that he had a baby on the way. His fans wouldn’t have known, and this was intention. Theo’s been happy to keep this aspect of his private life private.

While he doesn’t reveal the mother, he does say she’s doing well. Kayleigh has also given her congratulations and stated she is not the mother.

It’s nice to see Theo doing well, and I’m excited for the next steps of his journey. Hopefully this doesn’t make him too busy to do another Challenge season, because we might have two champs-in-the-making now.

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