Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Top Moments from Episode 9

The most important moments on Episode 9 of Double Agents

Our first female rogue agent is in the game.

  1. Amber Backstabber
Amber Amber

The cast returns from elimination, and Amber M. is a rogue agent. This means she’s immune from the next elimination, and the rookie girls figure they’re next on the chopping block. Of course, Amber M. is mad when she finds out Amber B. voted her into elimination. Ultimately, this is because Amber B. is aligned with Big Brother and the rookies, and her priorities are showing. Amber M.’s problem is the fakeness. Amber B. said she wouldn’t vote in Mechie & Amber M. then told Amber M. she hoped she’d be safe. This happened knowing that she voted Amber M. into elimination. Later, Amber B. spoke with Kaycee about her frustrations while Amber M. spoke to Gabby and said Amber B.’s “B” stands for “backstabber.” Gabby and Amber B. later talk and Amber B. is upset that they’re creating a “mean girl” environment.

2. Questionable Beef

Mission: Interrogation

It’s trivia week! This time, we’re playing Mission: Interrogation. In two groups, cast members will be asked trivia questions while holding onto a bar. If you get the question wrong, you’re platform is tilted at an angle. If you get a question right, you get to sabotage someone else by tilting their platform. Whoever gets the most questions correct or hangs on the longest wins. In the first round, Cory starts off not knowing his square roots, but perhaps the dumbest answer was Kaycee’s who thought wolves are vegetarians. It gets down to Darrell and Devin, but Darrell gets his final questions rights and Devin falls off his platform. In the second heat, everyone is coming after Theresa. While Theresa falls firstly quickly, her goal is then to win. As the competition drags on, players struggle to hold onto their bars. Kam touches the supports and TJ warns her not to do it. Nam and Kam are the final two, but Kam touches the support again and gets disqualified. In the end, Darrell held on the longest and answered the most question correctly. Him and Amber B. win, and Burger King gives them $5,000 each and Whoppers for life.

3. Forgiven, Not Forgotten

Amber Nany

Amber B. isn’t feeling the vibes Gabby is putting into the house, and she’s thinking about voting her into elimination. Then, Nany comes up to Gabby and tells her that Theresa will be voted in and they should send a strong competitor against her. So Amber talks to Gabby, who doesn’t want to go in. They clear the air, then Amber talks to Kaycee who claims she’s fine going into elimination if she needs to.

4. Revenge and Deception

Cory Theresa

At the deliberation, no one volunteers to go it. Theresa opens with “not this week, Nany?” to cause some tension. Nany doesn’t volunteers; in fact, she’s voting in Theresa. No one has told Theresa she’s the house vote, but Amber M. is the only one who confesses she’ll vote for Theresa. No one says much, their minds are made up, and they go vote for Theresa & Cory. Unsurprisingly, they’re voted in. Now it’s up to Amber B. if she wants to go in and get her skull or send in another girl.

5. Out of Hope, Out of Rope

Theresa elimination

At The Crater, Darrell thinks it looks like a headbanger. Theresa & Cory are down there, and Amber doesn’t want to go down. So she votes in Kaycee & Leroy and Darrell follows. The elimination is called Operation: Snapping Point. It’s similar to Reverse Tug of War because the girls are tethered together. The goal is to collect three rings and place them on poles. Your opponent is doing the same and pulling your around. Kaycee starts off fast, trying to place a ring on the farthest and hardest pole. Theresa stays planted, trying to wear Kaycee out. Slowly, Kaycee makes progress. Meanwhile, Theresa seems to be playing defense the whole time. She doesn’t move a lot. While Kaycee is working on their third skull. Theresa makes progress toward her first. It looks like she might make progress, but Theresa loses ground and Kaycee gets a gold skull.

Now Kaycee is back. She returns to Leroy. Amber M. is placed with Cory by default.


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