Challenge: Double Agents

Is Amber Martinez Going to Float to the End?

How has Amber M. gotten this far in the game. Is there any hope for her to get to the end?

On Double Agents, there are a few alliances in the house. Most veterans have banded together, CT is trying to pull people to work with him, Big Brother is sticking together, and the newbies are working well together. One of the biggest wild cards in the house is Amber Martinez, who is pissing off some people wild befriending others.

Dubbed “small Amber” by the house, she is perceived to be the layup for the girls. Right now, she’s a rogue agents and if her stigma carries any weight the guys won’t want to be paired with her. Somehow, she hasn’t seen elimination and hasn’t been targeted too much.

The structure of this game might work to her advantage. A lot of girls (like Tori, for example) would want to face Amber in elimination because she’s perceived to be weaker. So, the house could vote her into elimination. But, if they do that then they give full power to the Double Agents. If the female in power needs a skull, they’ll just jump into elimination and use Amber M. to get a skull.

So the house won’t vote her in because they’re greedy. They don’t want to hand the layup to the Double Agents, because then they won’t be able to face Amber. It’s kind of a catch 22. If you want an easy victory, you need to vote in an easy opponent. But if you vote in an easy opponent, someone else will take the victory. You can’t win.

At this point, Amber is poised to skate for a few more weeks. Once all the girls’ skulls are taken, she might get voted into elimination. At that point everyone is in survival mode and they just want get to the end.

The other possibility would be more strategic. If the Double Agent female has a skull and her friend is voted into elimination by the house, Amber M. could be sent down. This would allow the friend to get an easy skull.

Of course, this is all based on perception. Amber is only perceived to be weak. She could pull out a victory and shock everyone. The format of Double Agents hasn’t allowed us to see her full potential, and as it stands now, floating is a viable (but boring) strategy for her.

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