Challenge: Double Agents

Lolo Jones Claims She Was Told to Quit Double Agents

On Wednesday night’s episode, we saw Lolo leave The Challenge after weeks of frustration. This has been a running storyline throughout the season. She’s frustrated with Nam, can’t get into elimination, and doubts her role in the game.

Lolo Tweets
images preserved via Challenge Overdose on Instagram

After the episode aired, Lolo took to Twitter to explain production told her to leave and make it look like it was a personal decision. She implies there are a lot of secrets we don’t know, and The Challenge isn’t a sport.

While the reason the show told her to leave is unknown, it’s likely related to mental health. This has been another recurring theme this season, especially during Lio’s departure. For Lolo, we have watched her struggle for weeks. We’ve seen tears and arguments, but her situation hasn’t improved.

Lolo Tweet

Lolo also shared some positivity. She made the US Bobsled Team because her departure allowed her to qualify. Had she stayed until the end of the season, she would have missed the cutoff date. Despite this, Lolo claims she wanted to stay in the game.

It seems the show might be hiding some secrets. It’s hard to know the extent of Lolo’s frustrations in the show or if there was another reason she had to leave.


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