Challenge: Double Agents

Lolo Left Nam. What’s Next for Him?

Lolo is gone. Where does Nam stand in the game?

Last week, Lolo departed from The Challenge. She leaves behind weeks of frustrations and a partner she struggled to work with. This was a surprise to many fans because Lolo is an Olympian and a strong athlete.

Now, Nam is all alone. We have two rogue agents in the house: Nam and Cory. Assuming the next elimination is for the males, we will see one of these agents get a new partner.

So what’s going to happen to Nam?

There are a few possibilities. The most interesting approach would be an elimination between Cory and Nam, with one person leaving and another staying in the game. It would suck, because this would be an extra elimination due to someone quitting. Fortunately, this seems unlikely.

It would also be unfair to the women if we had two male eliminations back-to-back. After all, Lolo left because she’s frustrated she can’t get a skull. Other women are in the same boat, and this would make it harder for them.

The most likely scenario would be Nam leaving. Not only is his partner gone, he has a nagging back injury. Production will view this as a “liability” that would conveniently make Nam’s departure understandable. I would anticipate this will be the case, especially considering there is a “security breach” next week.

This would kind of suck for Nam, and would make him the sixth person to leave without an elimination. However, it would make the most sense with our current edit and to maintain the formatting.

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