The Challenge

Ten People Who Have Felt Betrayed By CT

This week it was Big T, but who has CT betrayed in the past?

This week on The Challenge, we witnessed CT stabbing Big T in the back. After making a promise to stick with her after obtaining his skull, CT switched partners and chose to work with Kam.

Is anyone surprised by this? Not really. CT built his reputation in the game by playing as a lone wolf. He’s only been committed to a small number of people, and he’s made far more enemies along the way. If Big T had watched prior Challenge seasons, she would have known to take precautions. Unfortunately, she grew up in the UK and they didn’t air The Challenge there.

Throughout his time on The Challenge, CT has put a few knives in backs. Big T is just his latest victim, but there’s a long list before her.

1. Leah Gillingwater (The Inferno)

Leah Inferno

There was a time when being Real World roommates meant something. It was a common bond, but one that CT didn’t regard too dearly. On The Inferno, after a string of poor performances, Leah was dragging down team Real World. To get rid of Leah, CT voluntarily through the Saturn Valet Ballet mission. This got Leah sent into The Inferno, pissed her off, and sent her packing.

2. Dan Renzi (The Inferno 2)

Dan Renzi

On his second season, CT won a lot of missions. Still, he was worried Dan might win the Crab Grab mission and secure the Lifeshield. On this mission, everyone was buried in the sand and freed competitors could assist their teammates out of the sand. Dan wanted the team to win, but CT wanted himself to win. So he ignored his teammates, let Dan help them out, and saved his own ass by winning the Lifesheid. Dan was pissed, as was a lot of the team.

3. Coral Smith (The Gauntlet 3)

Coral Smith

On The Gauntlet 3, CT was part of team “trim the fat.” As such, he was targeting the girls who were perceived to be a bit slower. One of those girls was Coral, who he’d run a final with in the past. The two got into an argument on one of the first nights in Mexico, and Coral ultimately removed herself from the bullshit that was The Gauntlet 3.

4. Adam King (The Gauntlet 3)

CT pours beer on Adam

When it comes to Adam, CT’s beef stems all the way back to Real World Paris in 2003. On that season, Adam apologized on behalf of CT after CT got into a fight with another guy at the bar. On The Gauntlet 3, CT felt betrayed by Adam because Adam tried to calm down a fight between himself and Frank. In CT’s eyes, Adam is working with the opposite team by keeping their leader safe. And to be honest, there is some truth to that, but Adam took this evaluation as a betrayal. Adam didn’t want CT to throw a punch and go home. After all, CT was the biggest and strong Veteran. As a result of their argument, CT compared Adam’s actions on The Gauntlet 3 to his actions in Paris. Then, CT poured a bottle of beer on Adam’s head.

5. Johnny Bananas (Battle of the Exes)

Mark Bananas

There’s a very odd rivalry between CT and Bananas on The Challenge. Early into the show, they were never aligned. As time progressed Bananas seemed to give him respect as a veteran of the game even though they weren’t entirely on the same page. On Battle of the Exes, CT & Diem won the final challenge. As power couple, they could have sent in the rookie team: Emily & Ty. Instead, CT forced Mark to face Bananas. If you listen to Bananas talk about the show around this time, he thought CT was cool on Exes, only to be reminded that they’re not going to be friendly forever.

6. Diem Brown (Rivals 2)

At the very end of Rivals 2, Diem & Aneesa found themselves in the final elimination. Feeling they’d have a better shot at winning against Jemmye & Camila, Diem asked CT to send that team in. Instead, CT didn’t want Emily & Paula to have a free ride. CT didn’t help his longtime friend and partner because some relatively new players were loyal to him this season.

7. Terrell Owens (Champs vs. Stars)


I don’t think we knew we needed a CT vs. T.O. fight, but it was the biggest moment on Champs vs. Stars. When T.O. mocked the Champs team after losing players, the two started to argue. Apparently, CT wasn’t allowed to talk to T.O., but when given the opportunity, CT brought up T.O.’s bankruptcy. I think T.O. thought he was the biggest thing to ever appear on MTV and everyone would treat him as untouchable. CT made things personal, and T.O. made his way out of the house.

8. Cara Maria Sorbello (War of the Worlds 2)

Cara Maria WotW2

It’s hard to expect CT to have any loyalty to Team USA on War of the Worlds 2. If there was anyone who stuck up for him on the team, it was Cara Maria. This season, she had a good alliance and that did help CT avoid elimination. At the very last Tribunal, she felt betrayed when Team UK (with CT as speaker) didn’t vote Tori into elimination. CT wanted to keep his team strong, and voted Ninja into the elimination, though Ashley ended up in there thanks to Tori & Rogan’s votes. This meant Cara’s alliance had to jeopardize their favorite millionaire.

9. Kam Williams (Double Agents)

CT Kam

Anyone watching Double Agents knows why CT switch over to Kam. She asked to be his partner day one, he declined, and she proved it was a mistake. We all know Kam is good in eliminations and a tough competitor. When CT denied her partnership, was was peeved. Then she did what she does best. She proved why CT doesn’t want her as an enemy.

10. Big T (Double Agents)

Big T CT

Big T may not be the best competitor on the show, but she has exceeded expectations thus far. She credits CT as a source of motivation, so watching him dump her for Kam was upsetting. He also made a big show out of his decision to switch teammates. Of course Big T feels wronged, especially because CT agreed to return to her.


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