Challenge: Double Agents

Was CT Wrong to Leave Big T?

CT is now paired with Kam. Was this a bad move for him? Or is Big T the only one who'll get hurt?

In episode 11, we watch CT and Big T become the Double Agents thanks to Big T’s strong swimming performance. At the chamber, CT promised Big T they’d ride it out together until the end. He has been motivating her, and she has been surprising him.

Then, CT wins in elimination on episode 12. Given the power to take any partner, her stabbed Big T in the back. He left Big T and took Kam as a partner.

CT and Kam

It’s been a long road for CT and Kam. On episode 1, Kam wanted to be CT’s partner. CT snubbed her and even since that day CT has been on Kam’s bad side. In fact, Kam flexed her power to get CT & Ashley into the very first elimination.

Now things are different. CT and Kam both have skulls and will need to work together. Having Kam on his side might look like a good thing, but it has potential to go very wrong. We all know Kam is trying to help her boyfriend Leroy to the end. While teams perform in pairs, we also know partners can be switched. Kam might be willing to burn CT at the eleventh hour to benefit Leroy’s game. For all we know, Kam would even be willing to go into elimination again because she’s that type of player.

Kam’s top priorities are no secret. No one would be too shocked to see her make a big move to enhance Leroy’s game. Plus, CT is now branded as a bit of a backstabber.

A lot of people like Big T, so it’s hard to watch her get upset over CT’s betrayal. The truth is, CT isn’t wrong. Big T isn’t the top competitor going into a final. While she continuously exceeds expectations, there are still a handful of girls who are perceived to be much better. CT know’s he’s in better shape for the final with Kam or Kaycee by his side.

Logically, CT wasn’t wrong to flip on Big T. Emotionally, he crushed her and make the decision spiteful. Big T was embarrassed by CT’s celebration and had her spirits crushed. However, CT could redeem himself. Now Big T will be on a different team with a new partner. If CT manages to become part of the Double Agents again, he could use his power to send Big T into elimination. Big T’s team and CT’s team could could be advocating for her success, giving her the best shot of getting a gold skull she could have.

But time is running out. Only a few more elimination remain and we all know Big T is out of the next one. CT has limited opportunities to help her get a skull, but it’s not impossible. This could smooth over some emotional wounds. From a strategy level, CT likely made a smart move… provided Kam doesn’t want to stab him in the back.

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