Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Top Moments from Episode 13

The most important moments on Episode 13 of Double Agents

We’re back, and we’re jumping right into a challenge.

  1. A Night’s Tale
Survive the Night

The cast has just started Mission: Survive the Night. They’re locked in cages, handcuffed, and must work together to complete a series of tasks in order to break free. The night begins with flashing lights and loud noises, then TJ makes teams hold a heavy ball. After two hours, it’s dinner time. The cast gets to feast on a platter of ram testicles, fermented snacks, and cheese juice. Once they’re done, they solve a math equation and smash bricks to find a key. This key unlocks tools to scratch a blackboard for a clue. That clue directs teams to tools buried in the ground, which are nail files. Finally, the nail files will free the winning team from their cage. Most teams struggle at the eating portion, and Nany just quits. Leroy & Kaycee are the first team to proceed, but Cory & Gabby aren’t giving up. Kam solves the math problem for Leroy, allowing his team to move forward. After a series of pukes Cory & Gabby proceed. This isn’t fast enough, because Leroy & Kaycee make it out of the cage first.

2. The Gift of Gabby

Fessy Gabby

After the challenge, the cast returns home. Fessy and Gabby start to get close so Gabby can “have a cuddle.” So the two get into bed together and “cuddle,” though Gabby’s blushing in the confession implies more. Later, Fessy chats with Cory. While he’s into Gabby, he also has a thing for Tori. However, he knows Tori is engaged to Jordan and he would never cross that line. Cory has a bold prediction: Jordan and Tori break up, Fessy and Tori start dating, then they move to Mexico together.

3. Two Girls One Vote


At deliberation, there isn’t much to say. Everyone knows it’s a girls’ elimination because Big T is rogue. Nany and Gabby need skulls, so the decision comes down to those two girls. So the real discussion revolves around who will steal partners if they win. Neither girl will give a straight answer, but both girls make it clear it’s a possibility. So they cast votes, and Gabby & Cory get the majority of the votes. Leroy is good friends with Nany, and he has promised to help her in the game. His next decision shouldn’t be a surprise.

4. Deja Screwed

Aneesa Nany

After the vote, Aneesa talks to Nany. She sees herself getting far into the season again, and she’s worried she will be taken out right before the final again. She fears Nany will win elimination and steal Fessy as a partner. Nany reiterates that she hasn’t made up her mind, and she’s not guaranteed to steal a partner. Aneesa also admits she’ll do what she needs to do to win, and if that means crying, she’s not above it.

5. The Ring of Victory

Gabby Nany

No one is surprised to see that the final matchup is Gabby vs. Nany. The game is called Operation: Ring of Spies. There’s a ring dangling in the middle of The Crater. The girls run, grab the ring, then wrestle to obtain it. Best two out of three wins. In the first heat, Gabby gets the ring first, but Nany catches her and starts to wrestle. It’s not enough, and Gabby gets the first point. In round two, Nany gets the ring first, but Gabby starts to wrestle. The spend a while in the dirt, but Nany get a point to tie the game. It all comes down to the final heat and Nany starts with the ring in her hand. She sprints, and Gabby fails to catch her. So Nany scores her second point and gets the win. This is a momentous occasion for Nany who has never won a solo elimination before.

Now, Nany has the power and she takes Fessy as a partner. Aneesa loses her partner and takes Kyle as a partner. This leaves Cory with Big T.

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