Big Brother The Challenge

Fessy, Haleigh, Tori, and Jordan. The Messiness Continues

On Episode 4 of Double Agents, we saw Fessy confess his attraction to Tori. Nothing really happened here, and Fessy seemed to direct his attention toward Gabby.

Now that the season has wrapped, Fessy & Tori have been seen together. Jordan and Tori have called it quits. The timelines moves fast, but it doesn’t really seem like anyone cheated, or does it?

Tori recently went on the Chicks In Office podcast and discussed her relationship with Jordan. She admits her relationship with Jordan was really rocky before the start of Double Agents. They’d broken up briefly before they started filming, but were working on things when she departed for Iceland.

Tori Podcast

It appears to be a situation where she was hoping for them to reconcile, but in hindsight the split seemed definite. Tori even admits she begged Jordan to stay with her.

Fessy Live

Fessy has also spoken about his split with Haleigh (his ex girlfriend he met on Big Brother 20). He went on Instagram Live and spoke about their plans to move in together. Haleigh even rented an apartment in Texas and wanted Fessy to move in. Fessy saw the apartment, which was a one bedroom, and felt it wasn’t enough space and the space they did have was full of Haleigh’s belongings.

In July of 2020, Haleigh wrote to inform fans she had split with Fessy. According to Fessy’s Live, this was not the end. They tried to reconcile. Prior to filming Double Agents they were in a rocky spot just like Jordan and Tori. Fessy spoke to multiple people in the house and stated they were going to see where the relationship stood once her returned from filming. However, during filming they were not together.

Prior to the episode airing, Haleigh had posted a note regarding her break up with Fessy. She addresses the split in July and she discusses her plans to move with Fessy. She had got them an apartment with more space and a two car garage. Prior to filming they had spoken on the phone, and she was never led to believe there was anything but love.

Of course, Fessy was on a different page. This would lead to him calling things off with Haleigh and moving on.

Jordan Instagram

Jordan has also commented on his Instagram story. There, he said he was upset to hear Tori talk about the break up on the podcast. He thought their break up was going to remain private, and he’s sad to see what it has become.

Still, it seems Fessy and Tori never hooked up on The Challenge. Ashley recently went on a podcast and says there was a flirtatious nature between the two, and she even heard of some cuddling. As we all know, Ashley left first, so she wasn’t there for episode 4.


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