Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Top Moments from Episode 14

The most important moments on Episode 14 of Double Agents

60 minutes last week. 90 minutes this week.

  1. Skills and Skulls
Cory Leroy Darrell

Every gold skull has been taken, but where are still people without skulls and eliminations to be played. In most people’s eyes, Kyle and Aneesa are easy pickings. Meanwhile, Cory is desperate to get his skull. He asks Leroy and Darrell for support, but they tell him he could be shooting himself in the foot. For Cory, he has no other option. He needs to get a gold skull somehow. He tells this to Aneesa, and she understands his struggle. However, she’s tied to Kyle. If Cory wants to face Kyle, he could be jeopardizing Aneesa’s game.

2. Waterlogged

Mission Undercover. The mission requires the players to swim in freezing water between two tectonic plates. They need to obtain six rings, then use them to decode a puzzle on the land. The catch: there is no coming up for air (but they don have oxygen tanks). Aneesa & Kyle go first and find the puzzle to be the real challenge. The rings have black marks, and they have a key that corresponds to letters. So, they decode the secret message. It’s : DECODE. After a series of DQs, we see CT & Kam solve the puzzle after mistakenly putting a T on the board. Finally, Leroy & Kaycee go and solve the puzzle quickly. In the end, TJ shocks the house and announced Aneesa & Kyle as the winners.

3. Stabbed in the Skull

Darrell Leroy

The cast goes to their “club,” but it seems game talk has become the priority. Leroy feels Aneesa & Kyle might vote him into elimination after he put them first on the challenge. So, he talks to Kyle, and Kyle doesn’t tell him too much. However, Leroy could save himself if he volunteers Darrell into elimination. The problem? Leroy and Darrell have been working together. Leroy give Darrell a heads up, and Darrell claims he’ll be looking at the bigger picture if he wins the elimination. This means he’ll be stealing Kaycee from Leroy. Once their trust is broken, all deals are off.

4. The Other Easy Vote

Leroy votes for Darrell

At deliberation, Cory & Big T want to be the house vote, but the remaining competitors are scared. If they vote in Cory & Big T, Aneesa & Kyle could vote anyone into elimination. The cast just assumes Aneesa & Kyle will send down Cory & Big T if they’re still on the table. Now, the cast will need to see if this assumption is true. Darrell & Amber B. are voted into elimination. Kyle toys with the idea of CT vs. Kyle, but it’s fairly obvious they’ll take the easy route.

5. Racing for Skulls

Cory Skull Run

At The Crater, Cory & Big T get sent down. Now, it’s Cory vs. Darrell in the game of Operation: Snapping Point, which Kaycee won a few episodes ago. This time the resistance has tripled and the poles are twice as big. The players weave between poles and need to fight to push a button. Eventually, they will need to fight to inch toward the button. Best two out of three wins. In the first heat, Cory bolts through the poles and hits the button before there’s any resistance on his band. In the second heat, Cory had the same intensity. Darrell was faster, but Cory is able to hit the button with the tips of his fingers. Cory has taken Darrell’s skull.

Now Cory is back, his curse is lifted, and he’s got his pick of partners. He picks Kam, and CT is back with Big T. So, Amber B. is a rogue agent.


  1. Hey man. Fun challenge question for you. Since Big T is the only one left without a skull, who do you think is her best chance at maybe getting one?

    1. Good question. I would say Amber B. or Aneesa. If you go into elimination blindly, I’d say Amber B. If the elimination is speed or endurance based, it would exploit Aneesa’s weak spots and make the win easiest for Big T.

      1. I agree. To tell you the truth we don’t have much to go off of since we have only seen Big T in one elimination. My assumption is she struggles no matter who she’s against. As someone who watched Amber on BB, she’s a lot stronger than what the challenge has shown so far. Aneesa has really been impressing this season and I really want her to make that final, even if she doesn’t win it who cares, just get into the dang final and show people you CAN do it girl.

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