Challenge: All Stars

Challenge All Stars: Screenshots from the Trailer

The official trailer for The Challenge: All Stars has been shared! Thank you to Paramount+ for turning this dream into a reality!

Please see the Challenge: All Stars cast here.

Below, you will find screenshots from the trailer. While I am not going to overtly tell you any spoilers, you’ll be able to piece a few things together. You’ve been warned, but you’re going to read anyways.

UPDATE: There is a shorter, second trailer. I’ve posted screenshots from that too!

UPDATE 2: There’s a third trailer! Screenshots available.

Just like War of the Worlds, we start off with a challenge on top of a moving truck.

Truck mission 1
Truck mission 2

The long awaited return of Aneesa!

Logo 1





Of course there’s Mark.

Mark Long

Aneesa again.


An ice smashing mission (Alton and Arissa)

Ice smashing
Ice Smashing 2
Logo 2
Logo 3

Arissa is back


And Ruthie!


Could this be trivia? (Jemmye, Katie, Kendal, Aneesa in back)

Kendal challenge
To be the best

Looks like there’s swimming. And Darrell is ready!

Swimming challenge

Syrus, Mark, Laterrian, Kellyanne, Alton, Ruthie and Derrick in a swimming/ puzzle mission

Swimming block
Beat the best

TJ and his cast of All Stars


The Godfather Syrus


And Beth. Of course there’s Beth.

Beth 2

TJ in the elimination arena

TJ horn

Just a drone shot of a mission

Drone shot

Jemmye and someone else falling

Yes down
22 All Stars
Are back

Talk about old school. TECK MONEY

Teck Money

Mark gets to make the toast since Bananas isn’t there

Toast 1



This OG looks defeated, but at least he still has his hair.


A shot from a mission where competitors walk on a platform that can fall from beneath them.

Steps mission

Yes down

Yes falling

Another Mark toast

Toast 2
Toast 3

The elimination arena

Elimination Arena

Jonna and Beth

Jemmye and Ruthie

Jemmye Ruthie

The ice challenge. Reminds me of something I saw on Battle of the Sexes 2

Ice challenge 3

Poor Katie! Luckily Teck and Yes are there to help her out.

Katie hurt

Nehemiah, Kendal, and Jisela carrying a log

Log challenge

Jemmye and Nehemiah

Jemmye Nehemiah

More of that truck mission

Truck mission 3

Ruthie and Aneesa fight

Ruthie Aneesa

Big Easy


Jonna and Kellyanne

Jonna Kellyanne
In Challenge history





A blurry shot from a male elimination. Looks physical, like a Pole Wrestle maybe. Ace is pictured here.


Katie and Trishelle arguing over some 15-year-old beef

Katie vs Trishelle
Katie Trishelle fight

TJ delivering an infamous “see you never” speech. Do we have a quitter?


Kayaking. Mark and Ruthie




WE GET IT. They compete on a moving truck.

Truck mission 4
Truck 5

Thank you Paramount+

Logo 4


  1. This is a cool season., but some of these people i dont even care about. They should have better names. here would be my list.
    Males. CT, Syrus, Bananas, Mark, Nehemiah, Darrel, Alton, Landon, Big Easy, Leroy, And Tyler
    Females. KellyAnne, Aneesa, Ruthie, Jillian, Jenn, Tori Hall, Jodi, Veronica, Paula, Coral, And Rachel
    I would be more excited if More exciting people were on the show.

  2. I’m tickled they’re doing this. Mark put out the call and of the people who were available (jobs, families, LIVES) this is the crew for this first season. No one is ever going to be happy but all the complaining is exhausting. I’m looking forward to this and if it gets good ratings, I’m sure they’ll consider future seasons. Thanks Paramount+ and MTV.

  3. Oh and Jemeye and Neamiah. He likes the odd birds. Cuddled with Beth all those years ago and now Jemeye. I know we don’t really know her personally but from what I see on social media, I’m just not a fan. She’s a sh$t stirrer and doesn’t seem to care who gets hurt.

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