Challenge: Double Agents

CT or Fessy: Who’s the Better Partner?

CT or Fessy. That is the question.

This week, we saw Fessy and CT get into an argument in the middle of 80s night. At the root, the two guys are arguing over who was a better competitor. In Fessy’s eyes, CT is old news and isn’t the threat he used to be. In CT’s opinion, he’s fully capable of winning. He won War of the Worlds 2 in 2019 and he was in worse shape then.

I know CT has a lot of fans, but Fessy did make a decent point early into the episode. Multiple girls have stolen him as a partner, but no one has tried to take CT. If he was such a badass competitor, why haven’t any of the girls tried to steal him?

A decade ago, CT was unstoppable. Going into a physical elimination against him would be a death sentence. Now, CT is slower and has less intensity. If you were going into a headbanger elimination, he is no longer the competitor we once knew. If we were going into a Hall Brawl or Pole Wrestle, I’d put my money on Fessy. That doesn’t mean CT has no chance, but he also has a really strong match with Fessy.

Now, we’re approaching the end of the game. A headbanger elimination might pop up, but it’s very unlikely a female partner would be dependent upon CT’s performance. However, it does seem likely the partners will have some level of dependence upon each other in the final.

Based off of Total Madness, Fessy isn’t the best partner in the final. On day 1 he lost to Cory. On day 2, he lost to every other guy. This isn’t to say Fessy is awful in finals, but it does seem he’d do poorly at the checkpoints we’re likely to see. He’s awful with puzzles and math, a moderate swimmer, and not the most coordinate. However, if they have to carry sandbags or logs, Fessy would be a great partner. His endurance is decent based on Total Madness, and we also need to remember he had to sleep outside while Cory and Bananas were inside.

CT may not be as fast as he was in 2011, but he’s very well rounded. He’s good with puzzles and will eat anything under the sun (a metric we haven’t truly been able to judge Fessy on). If you watch War of the Worlds 2 or Champs vs. Pros 2, you’ll see CT can still get through a distance run. He’ll be covered in sweat, but he has the gas in the tank to do it.

Fessy has a lot to prove. CT has accomplished everything Fessy is aspiring to achieve. It’s hard to deny the CT would be the better partner in the final simply because he’s done so well in the past. He really doesn’t have any weaknesses that would slow him down. In fact, as he gets older finals seem to cater to his biggest strengths.

If the final ends up being a 25 mile Hall Brawl, give me Fessy. Otherwise, I’d betting on CT.

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