Johnny Bananas

Johnny Bananas Might Be Past The Challenge

Bananas may be done with The Challenge.

Recently, Bananas revealed he would be hosting the new show Celebrity Sleepover. Perhaps this should be taken as a sign. It seems his priorities are elsewhere now.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Johnny Bananas revealed The Challenge isn’t his priority. He isn’t ever going to officially retire, but hosting may be more in line with his future goals.

Bananas also talked about the All Stars season and seems to like the idea. He said recent seasons are way too serious and have too much mind-numbing stress. It’s easy to see where he’s getting that stress from. Total Madness wasn’t exactly an easy season. The cast was locked in a bunker devoid of sunlight. Instead of clues on a T-Mobile Sidekick 2, the cast was alerted by blaring sirens.

What’s missing from the show? Parties and lightheartedness. He actually says he misses the “circus environment” from old school seasons.

The All Star season might be the perfect type of show for Bananas, but he feels he lies in the middle of new school and old school. He says that the term “veteran” is thrown around too much now, and kids are vets after two seasons. Bananas, who was part of the Gauntlet 3 Veterans team on his third season, is now the most seasoned player to ever compete. He has appeared on 20 proper seasons plus two spin-offs.

For now, it’s not goodbye to MTV. It’s “see ya soon.” … or maybe he’s better suited for Paramount+.

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