Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Top Moments from Episode 17

The most important moments on Episode 17 of Double Agents

Four girls. Five men. One elimination.

  1. Rise and Erupt

It’s 5:30 in the morning, and TJ comes to wake up the Agents, and he takes one person from each team with him. All of the guys go, except for CT who is a Rogue Agent and instructed to stay home. Then, the girls show up for Mission: Escape the Volcano. They need to run 5 miles and solve some mental checkpoints. Then, they will go 500 feet into the ground to get their partner. Together, teammates will run back and solve a puzzle. Instantly, every girl is regretting their decisions, but Amber B. makes it to the first checkpoint first. However, it’s a math problem and some of the girls struggle. Kam finishes quickly, followed by Nany. Kaycee takes her time, but Amber can’t do it. Other girls have reached the second checkpoint, where they do another math problem to get obtain a key. Then, it’s off to the volcano.

2. The Final Product

Kam is the first girl to reach the bottom of the volcano, and she finds the guys standing there chained to the ground with cases. Nany is second, impressing a lot of the guys, and Kaycee follows Nany. Fessy is wondering where his partner is, and all of the girls just say that she’s been left behind. Unfortunately, the elevator to the bottom of the cave is slow and staggers the exit from the cave. This gives Kam & Cory a bigger lead, and they’re the first ones to finish the sprint and get to the puzzle. Kam tells Cory to shut up and she solves the puzzle before anyone else can even get there. From the looks of it, Amber never even got past the first checkpoint and Fessy was never rescued.

3. It Was All a Scheme

We know it’s a guy’s elimination. For some reason, CT is immune. Now, the guys are scrambling. Kyle has pretty much accepted his fate, but Fessy knows a vote for Kyle is a vote for him. Kam will not send Leroy into elimination, so Kaycee is kind of a swing vote. If Kyle, Fessy, Amber, and Kaycee vote together they can get Leroy sent into elimination. However, Kaycee knows she has some allegiance to Leroy. So she talks to Fessy with a compromise. He goes into elimination against Kyle, wins, now he can steal Kaycee as a partner. It’s a risky move, but one that would disconnect him from his string of bad partners. Ultimately, this comes to a head when Kam confronts Fessy for the way they talk about the girls and the fact that he might flip teammates because Amber is so bad.

4. Fessy Dickens

Cory and Kam have been planting seeds to vote Fessy in. Before deliberation, Leroy comes up with another crazy plan: everyone vote for Fessy and Kam throws herself down for elimination taking Cory with her. Kyle and Kam shake on the deal, so at deliberation no one is surprised Fessy is voted in. In fact, all of the scheming seems to work. Fessy prepares a speech and sacrifices himself. Now, the question is whether or not Kam will honor her deal with Kyle and send Cory down.

5. Losing By a Finger

The cast gets to elimination. There’s a hall, and we know Fessy is going to be at one end. Ultimately, Kam can’t betray Cory because he fought to keep Leroy safe. She sends in Kyle, betraying him and staging a Fessy vs. Cory Hall Brawl. First to hit their button three times wins. In the first heat, Fessy hits Kyle hard and basically walks over him. Kyle looks at a bent finger and thinks he seriously messed up his hand. He medics try to realign it, and Kyle wants to continue. TJ calls it, telling Kyle he can’t computer. This is when Kyle cries. He laughs off a broken finger, but is crying over betrayal and losing the game.

Now, Fessy steals Kaycee. Leroy takes Nany, and CT gets Amber. Time for the final.

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