Challenge: Double Agents

CT’s Going to the Final? Was It Rigged?

CT gets more good luck. Is it time to admit things are rigged?

Double Agents has been good to CT. Take a look at episode 1 where he avoided an elimination against Wes because it was a female elimination. Or maybe look into episode 12 where a security breech put CT in full control during the only double elimination of the season. Even then people were saying the game was rigged in CT’s favor.

On episode 16, CT found himself in an extremely fortunate situation again. This time, he avoided a Hall Brawl because it was a female elimination. This is a stroke of good luck, but the bigger benefit comes at the end of the episode. Amber wins the elimination and steals Fessy as a partner. Nany then takes Kyle as a partner. Now, CT is a rogue agents. This almost definitely means he’s going straight to the final.

It’s starting to look a bit fishy at this point, and CT even celebrated his good fortune. This would mean the final elimination will be some combination of Leroy, Kyle, Fessy, and Cory.

It’s also not fully clear why Nany would choose Kyle over CT as a partner. Nany did work with Kyle earlier this season, and production did build the narrative that she wanted to return to him. This doesn’t mean that CT isn’t a great partner. In fact, his history in the game should have made him the obvious choice.

There’s also the fact that we are nearing the end of the game. We usually see the bigger eliminations toward the end. Last season the final male elimination was Rogan vs. Nelson in Hall Brawl. A CT vs. Kyle Hall Brawl would have been another big match up. Instead, we saw Big T. vs. Amber. Not to discredit their efforts, but these aren’t the girls we’d want to see in Hall Brawl. Then again, the final two eliminations on Total Madness were both Hall Brawl. If we’re following the same structure as last season, the last male elimination could be in the hall as well.

Being the final rogue agent might not be the best situation either. Yes, it will get CT to the final, but it will leave him with the last choice partner. Does he really want to run in the end with Nany or Amber by his side when he could have Kaycee or Kam? He won’t get this choice, and this will make the first place win an uphill battle.

While it doesn’t seem CT is in the optimal position, it does seem he has been given a lot of convenient opportunities to advance in the game. Production may want to keep him around because he’s the biggest name on the show, but they can only do so much. Ultimately, he will need to perform if we wants to win.

When we look at these choices by production, this doesn’t necessarily mean the game is fully rigged. This is also highlighting why The Challenge isn’t a real sport. The Challenge gods can manipulate the situation to benefit whomever they please. This time, it was CT.

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