Challenge: Double Agents

The Final Teams: Who Has the Best Shot of Winning Double Agents?

Four teams remain. Who will be the one?

We’ve reached the end of the season. Four teams remain: Cory & Kam, CT & Amber B., Leroy & Nany, and Fessy & Kaycee. Each team has strengths, but there doesn’t seem to be a clear frontrunner. Only one person has won a final, six people have seen finals before, and one person is on her rookie season.

Now that we’re down to the finalists, who has the best shot of winning?

4. Leroy & Nany

It kind of sucks to say, but the Vegas roommates still haven’t won in their decade-long Challenge careers. As we head into another final, they have some stiff competition. Last time Leroy was in a final, he was a source of strength and confidence. However, the puzzle killed his game. Nany is probably a decent person to have by his side, but she isn’t going to help Leroy with his weaknesses. I’d love to see these two take the victory, but it seems unlikely.

3. Fessy & Kaycee

Now that Leroy and Kaycee have finally split, the Big Brother 20 duo faces a similar problem to Leroy & Nany. They’re both strong, probably fast, and have solid endurance. However, any obstacle is going to slow them down. Neither performed well with math on Total Madness, and both competitors struggle with puzzles. If the final is a headbanger, this is the front-running team. But that’s not going to happen, and their weaknesses are likely to cost them the game.

2. CT & Amber

The team thrown together at the eleventh hour, Amber might have gotten lucky with CT by her side. He has won three times before (five if you count the Champs spinoffs), and he knows what to expect. CT might not be as fast as he once was, but he always seems to dig deep when he has to. He’s secretly amazing at all the checkpoints, and this means he’s a well-rounded partner to have. Amber, on the other hand, doesn’t seem as solid. The math absolutely killed Amber’s game on the Escape the Volcano mission and her performance during Survive the Night didn’t make her seem much better. Unless CT repeats his performance on Exes, Amber will be the anchor here.

  1. Cory & Kam

Last time we saw Cory in a final, he did really well. He came in third, but he finished the first day in first place. This left him with a renewed sense of accomplishment and demonstrated his ability to win. Meanwhile, Kam was purged out of the War of the Worlds 2 final in a puzzle. Not a strong showing, but Double Agents has shown she knows her math and can solve a puzzle. Both players are strong and fast, and they seem to have the most skills out of every team. While they do have some weaknesses, their weaknesses aren’t are severe as the other teams.

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