Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Top Moments from Episode 18

The most important moments on Episode 18 of Double Agents

The final is here. Time to start.

  1. The End Begins

The cast arrives for the final, but TJ drops some news. One team won’t see day two. The slowest team on day one isn’t going to advance to the next stage. Then, day two doesn’t even guarantee money. Third place leaves empty handed, second place shares $100,000, and first place shares $900,000. TJ promises the cast hasn’t seen anything yet, and the final starts with a three mile run to the first mission.

2. Return to the Decrypt

The first run seems to be a challenge because they cast is facing hurricane-level winds. To CT’s surprise, Amber seems to be keeping the pace and they get to the mission first. Kaycee & Fessy follow, then Kam & Cory, then Leroy & Nany. The first mission is essentially the same as Decryption from episode 1. TJ promises the winner will get a MASSIVE advantage. The guys start off, and Cory takes the lead but is quickly tackled. The guys struggle, and CT ends up tackling Fessy. It pays off, because CT is the winner of the men’s heat. Then, the girls go, and it’s a little more tame. That doesn’t stop Kaycee from tackling Amber, and Kaycee calls for the first check. However, Amber gets the win. In fact, Amber becomes the overall top Agent.

3. Speed’s the Key

Amber gets a prize for being the top performer: she can switch partners if she’d like. She thinks for a moment, but she determines she’d like to stay with CT. Then, the cast needs to run to the next mission. They leave in the order they arrived, but Fessy & Kaycee pass CT & Amber. Eventually, Kaycee stars to slow down and Fessy yells at her to pick up the pace. Competitors get a key to unlock their next mission then they turn around and run back the way they came.

4. We’re Ending With a Bang

As the cast runs on a rocky terrain, Fessy has the lead and is pushing Kaycee to sprint. Then, Kaycee slips. She can’t move and Fessy calls for a medic. Kaycee feels a popping her knee and worries this is the end of her game. They watch teams pass by: CT & Amber, Kam & Cory, then Nany & Leroy. These teams arrive at the next mission while Kaycee lays in pain. Her knee is wrapped, and she hobbles along.

5. Bloodbath Buffet

The cast gets to the final mission and their keys unlock a buffet. What’s inside? Mugs full of blood, testicles, and a patter of other animal or parts. We get a montage of people puking up blood, but Kaycee has bigger concerns. As she hobbles up, she starts to eat and insists she can continue. Meanwhile, Fessy doesn’t want to eat. He feels he’s already lost. Why even try? As the other Challengers chomp away, CT & Amber clear their plates. Amber immediately pukes, then they are given a grenade. They can serve dessert to any other team. Who’s meal will get bigger? We have to wait until next week.

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