Challenge: All Stars

The Challenge All Stars: Why is the Final So Big?

A lot of people will be in the All Stars final. With over 50% of the cast remaining, why is it so big?

The end is near! Sadly, All Stars is a much quicker season than the main series. Next week, we will being the final and it will conclude in two weeks.

The All Stars cast had 22 people in it. Twelve will be in the final. Only one will win. This seems like very few were eliminated and a lot of people will be competing in a race where many will not get a reward.

The main season also seems to have a greater number of people in the finals now, though Double Agents wasn’t too huge. Four teams ran in the end, and two individuals won. This is akin to Fresh Meat 2. Total Madness was a bit bigger with nine people in the final but two winners. We’ve also had seasons like Vendettas and War of the Worlds with eight people in the final but a single winner.

All Stars trumps them all. While this is going to make the race ultra competitive, there’s a logical reason. This season brought back old faces! We want to keep them around as long as possible without forgoing the competition. This is why the show started off with single eliminations then moved to doubles after four episodes.

The format is going to be new, and this could work well or be a burden. Based on the clips in the preview, it seems there will be team tasks. With only one person being crowned the winner at the end, it’s hard to watch one person’s fate being determined by another’s performance. Hopefully it’s like Free Agents where the pairs rotate.

Truthfully, I anticipate this decision to be unpopular. Still, it has been a great season with a lot of old faces. I’m glad we got to keep so many around for so long.


  1. There are a few really good players left. Alton and Mark are front runners. Never underestimate Kellyanne or Aneesa. Aneesa is so hungry for it, but can she do better than Alton? I think not. If there were both a male and female winner, Aneesa might take it, but I’m betting on Alton. Mark’s age shows a bit.

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