Challenge: All Stars

Does Jonna Have a Chance of Winning All Stars?

Out of the blue, Jonna emerges as an impressive competitor. Could she win it all?

After the first two checkpoints on All Stars, we had a surprising frontrunner: Jonna. After spending most of the game somewhere in the middle, she seems to have emerged ahead of everyone else when it mattered most. While the third checkpoint was a little more difficult for her, she still holds a decent lead on the other girls in the competition.

Her canoeing received praise from Darrell and her determination received praise from Yes. This begs the question: where the fuck was this competitor all season?

Most likely, she played a silent but strategic game. It can often be beneficial to lie in the middle of the pact, especially when so many people get to a final. This will prevent you from getting last place in a challenge, but the guys aren’t going to pick you as an elimination partner when given the opportunity. Maybe that wasn’t her intent, but it was the end result for Jonna.

In the final, she kicked it into full gear. Given the fact this is her first final ever, it’s kind of hard to know what type of player she will be. As it turns out, she’s a great wingwoman. She won’t always take the lead, but she will push herself to keep moving and follow commands well. This might be why she did so well on the second checkpoint. Puzzles are a weakness, and she wasn’t a pro bike rider. So she let Yes take the lead, and her faith in her teammate let her continue.

Going into the final, I anticipated Kellyanne would be the female frontrunner. Turns out, Kellyanne got an awful start but she’s slowly climbing in the ranks. As we watch the next couple of checkpoints, we need to keep in mind that Kellyanne has Darrell and Yes as partners (the first and second place male) while Jonna has the two lowest ranking males as partners: Eric and Alton.

Yet she may have lucked out. It seems everyone else has a partner crippled by the Carolina reaper peppers. Eric might not have the fastest pace, but he can handle spicy food like a champ. Jonna can use this to her advantage to mitigate the damage he might cause. Then, Alton is a wildcard. He could be great in the right environment.

Ultimately, it still seems like a stretch for Jonna to be #1 overall. If there was a designated female winner, she would have a great chance. Sadly, Yes or Darrell seem like they might have the best shot at victory.


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