Challenge: All Stars

Kellyanne Addresses Inequality In the All Stars Final

22 people competed on All Stars. One man won. Should there have been a female winner?

The Challenge: All Stars has been a fun ride, but it’s not a flawless game. Like every Challenge season, there are some areas where production could have made it a little better. On All Stars, the biggest concern fans have noted was the single winner.

Recently, Kellyanne posted on Twitter expressing her frustrations. Many viewers have agreed with her, while some people haven’t shared her thoughts.

Kellyanne notes that the fact that they had separate guy/girl eliminations is a moot point because the final ultimately does not separate sexes. People voted in Kendal because she was a threat, but she wasn’t so strong she could beat Mark, Alton, Darrell, or Yes.

She also notes the different perceptions of equality. Some women could have beat Yes up the mountain, but those women would have needed to train three times as hard as Yes. In her eyes, equality means getting paid the same for the same amount of effort. For a female to outperform the males in All Stars, they would have needed to put much more effort into their training.

This is a sentiment that’s been echoed over past seasons. When Cara Maria won Vendettas, viewers were upset that the second leg of the final was so short and one-dimensional. Production couldn’t come up with check points that eliminated gender differences, so they just used the one puzzle.

More closely to Kellyanne, Ninja was the best performing female on War of the Worlds. She ultimately left with $0 because she lost to three men. This was a long, grueling race. By most accounts, Ninja was brought onto The Challenge to add physical competition to the female side. She couldn’t even outperform many of the men.

It does seem the last leg of the final was a bit unfair. This is a reality game show: not a true sport. While the element of luck was dominant on the first half of the final, there was always one male and one female on a team. Alton never had to run with Eric, so it does seem odd that the gender differences would not be acknowledged in the second half. Even for a reality show, this is a glaringly obvious oversight.

Kellyanne is not being greedy here. It’s discouraging to have your efforts reduced to a factor you cannot control. In fact, she might not have even won; it likely would have been a tie with Jonna.

This is also not to discredit Yes (or Turbo and Cara Maria). The winners did the best with the scenario they had in front of them. For future seasons, viewers seem to feel it’s better to have two winners. This makes the end of the season more exciting without a feeling of inequality.


  1. I agree with Kellyanne. It was such a letdown to see Jonna become such a fierce competitor and know there’s no way she could win because of Alton, Mark, and Yes. It felt really unfair. Men are built differently and should not compete against women. I’m sorry, but gender matters in sports.

  2. I really liked the All Stars, missed all the old school folks! But admit that as season went on I thought if only 1 prize winner than not fair to girls on the show. How are they going to beat some of these guys in a final unless it is all puzzles, eating contests, or other not so physical challenges, like running up a mountain? Should have a guy winner and a girl winner would have been more fair.

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