Challenge: All Stars

The Challenge All Stars: Controversies from the Reunion

All the dirt from the All Stars reunion.

The reunion is here, and the cast has a lot to say. If you want to know everything that happened, just stream the show on Paramount+, but these are the moments that had the most discussion.

Maria & Nate

The hosts for the reunion were Maria Menounos and Nate Burleson. Both host were really into the show, and that added a lot to the experience. Maria has hosted in the past on: The Duel 2, The Ruins, Fresh Meat 2, Cutthroat, and Rivals.

Kendal’s Controversy

Early into the season, Kendal didn’t jump during the Ancient Challenge History challenge. Jisela said this was a reason to thrown Kendal into elimination because she’d never want to be teamed with her. Jemmye called out Kendal for trying to play innocent. We know Kendal watches The Challenge and wanted to be in the competition. Then, Kellyanne chimed in. She said that Kendal can’t defend herself and we can never really know her intentions.

Our Winner

Yes doesn’t get to talk much, but he does get a moment to celebrate his win. He assures us he will put the money to good use and work toward social justice. The cast seems to be happy to have him take home the prize money.

The Coasters

Jisela calls out people for “coasting” through the game, mostly noting some people made the final without seeing elimination. Many people defended themselves, such as Yes and Jemmye. Jemmye knows she plays “smarter, not harder” and refused to apologize. Then, Maria talked about Jisela voting in Kendal multiple times when other girls hadn’t seen elimination. Jisela response that she changed her gameplay later in the season. Darrell laughed at this, but at least Jisela admits it.

Jisela’s Knee

Big Easy seems to be a Jisela fan, and for good reason. She took a fall during the Ring Cling elimination, and he’s grateful she finished it so he could stay. Jisela reveals she tore her ACL and needed surgery. She thought it was a sprain, but it turned out to be a lot worse.

Katie and Trishelle

A lot of people felt Trishelle was overly rude to Katie, especially because Katie convinced Trishelle to stay. Trishelle had her bags packed, was going to leave, and Katie talked her into staying. Jemmye states Trishelle was mad over a bunch of small things, Katie could have called Arissa into elimination, and it all boiled over in the argument.

Arissa’s Revenge

A lot of people noted that Arissa had a different belief system, and while they wanted to remain respectful, they did find some odd coincidences. Many people called her a quitter for bailing on elimination. The night after she departed, the power went out. Darrell defends her, saying she had a hard time with the environment due to her dietary restrictions. After the conversation about her, the power flickered.

Jisela and Aneesa

Jisela mentions she has an open spot for a best friend, and discusses her frustrations with Aneesa. It’s not just because Aneesa plays the game differently: it’s because Aneesa lied to her face. Derrick wants them to reconcile and defends Aneesa. However, Aneesa wasn’t present for the reunion so she can’t defend herself. As it stands, they are not friends.

Jemmye’s Flings

We saw Jemmye and Nehemiah flirting, but Jemmye admits they never went beyond that. In reality, she was flirting with Teck first. She feels she would have likely hooked up with him if he stayed longer.

Jisela and Alton

Jisela has to watch her hook ups with Alton. They’re not currently together, but they’re still close. She addresses rumors that he was married: he is not. She believed he was because he’d talk about his kids’ mother, but they’re not in a romantic relationship. She believes her relationship with Alton could continue if distance wasn’t a factor.

Finally Friends?

Beth admits she loved this season! She felt excited to be back on the show, and she finally felt she made friends! Just look at her interactions with her cast mates (especially Jemmye). It’s pretty clear they’re her friends.

Oh, Jonna was there too.

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