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Amanda Receives Criticism For Appearing on Season 37, Leaving Son At Home

Amanda is a mother and appearing on The Challenge. Now, she's involved in some pre-season drama.

Season 37 continues to film, though the season required quarantining and a delay due to a second quarantine. As such, many cast members have been overseas for a long period of time.

Amanda Garcia is one of the more unique additions to this season’s cast. She’s not a rookie, nor has she been on the past few seasons. After her last appearance on War of the Worlds she had a child and took time off to start a family.

Fans of The Challenge also know Amanda separated from her child’s father. While they continue to co-parent, there has been some questionable social media activity surrounding the relationship. In fact, fans first hear of Amanda’s return thanks to her ex’s Instagram story. Now, he has taken to Instagram again to voice his concerns.

Most notably, Ray (her ex) questioned how she could “leave” her son for months “just for attention.” Of course, post was shared by the father of her son. It’s not like Amanda just left her child unattended; he’s with his dad.

In all honesty, Amanda probably appeared on this season due to a perfect storm of circumstances. She’s a nurse and gave birth early into the pandemic. As such, she returned to work early to help with the pandemic. It’s possible she has accumulated time off to be used to film this season of The Challenge. As we all know, she will also be paid just to appear. Even if she doesn’t win money, she’s going to get a decent paycheck.

It’s also true that Amanda will be subjected to a lot of criticism for appearing on the show as a mother. This is an unfair double standard we see in the Challenge fandom. A lot of people criticize women for leaving their children at home while men receive less backlash. Amanda is likely aware of this, but we all know she doesn’t back down from confrontation or difficult conversations. Anyone who wants to throw shade her way should prepare for some rebuttal.

Amanda left her son with his father. He’s being taken care of, and she will likely use the money acquired on the show to benefit her son. There’s not need to vilify her for making this decision after ensuring the security of her child.


  1. He isn’t even with Ray, Amanda left him with her sister in another state. Ray is so pathetic

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