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Ten Unexpected Players Who Could Rule All Stars 2

The Challenge: All Stars gave us some great returns. These players could come out of left field and make a huge splash.

The Challenge: All Stars has given fans an exciting season with a collection of great old schoolers. While fans were happy to see old favorites like Mark, Katie, Ruthie, and Derrick, some of the better surprises came from the wild card castings. The grand prize went to Yes, Laterrian gave us some dominating performance, and Arissa’s departure was nothing short of epic. Season 2 seems to be on the way, and some people in the Challenge fandom are eager to see the wildcards who might appear.

Some of the random additions can become unexpected breaths of fresh air. You always risk having disconnect when you cast unfamiliar faces, but these people have the potential to become great additions even though they’ve been missing from the Challenge scene for years.

Two important distinctions for this list: firstly, many of the people mentioned have gotten married. I am using the names fans may recognize from their time on MTV. Secondly, I am emphasizing the unsung heroes. People like Coral, Veronica., Eric Nies, and Theo Von get a lot of attention. This list focuses on the people who have a lot of potential yet rarely get discussed.

Brittini Sherrod

Last seen on The Duel 2, Brittni had one of the best rookie seasons we’ve ever seen. She made the final and gave Rachel a run for her money. While she didn’t win the season she left with $35,000. Brittini has always been one of the nicer competitors, but if she returns to the game she could bring a similar competitive edge as she did on The Duel 2.

Nick Haggart

Last seen on Battle of the Sexes 2, Nick was a decent performer who probably didn’t get a lot of recognition. Based on his social media presence, he seems to remain active and committed to LGBT causes. All Stars 1 didn’t have a single gay male on the cast, and Nick would provide some representation while bringing a level of competition.

Jodi Weatherton

Last seen on The Duel, Jodi’s time on The Challenge ended with a lot of potential. She was the sole female winner, and it’s kind of surprising she never made it back onto the show. She seems willing to return, and she definitely hasn’t lost the competitive spirit. Now it’s time to see if she can still survive the rigor of the game.

Norman Korpi

Last seen on The Gauntlet, Norman has always been full of surprises. On The Gauntlet he described himself as the “George Washington” of The Real World. Eric Nies seems like the obvious New York roomie to go onto All Stars, but Norman’s abilities shouldn’t be doubted. Neither were able to do the first season due to Real World: Homecoming, but both remain open to reality TV opportunities. Norm has always done well and might have some old drama to resurface.

Brianna Taylor

Last seen on The Ruins, Brianna left the show swinging for the stars. She tried to take Susie out of the game, but got eliminated on episode 3. She’s always been scrappy and a fighter. All Stars might be an opportunity to prove she’s got more fight than we saw on The Ruins.

CJ Koegel

Last seen on Battle of the Seasons, CJ has always been a star athlete. While he hasn’t been on MTV in nearly a decade, he’s been a model and appeared on shows like Ellen. Now that he’s a father, he’s kept his model bod rather than adopting a dad bod. All Stars would be a great place for him to get back into the competition, though he’s fully capable of the main series.

Lori Trespicio

Last seen on Battle of the Sexes, Lori made the final on her one and only season. Now a mother, she remains active and hasn’t lost any of her good looks. She was a wild card on her season, and she’d be a wild card on an All Stars season. She might be disconnected from the current Challenge scene, but there’s no doubt she has the ability to win the support of viewers.

Blair Herter

Last seen on Battle of the Sexes, Blair was always a funny guy and one of the competitors fans loved. While he only made it midway through the season, he was repeatedly saved by his teammates using the Lifesaver. He was also very intertwined in the old school social scene and is probably more active today than he was on Road Rules. If All Stars 2 is anything like All Stars 1, he’d thrive in the environment.

Holly Shand

Last seen on The Inferno, Holly has always been a competitive but likable player. She’s generally a level-headed person, but she’s crafty enough to navigate the game. Some people have compared her to Sarah Rice, and while their gameplay might be similar, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of hope for Sarah to come back. Meanwhile, Holly was a fan favorite in the early 00’s and could earn praise from newer viewers.

Steven Hill

Last seen on Battle of the Sexes 2, Steven left for slapping Shane. It was a silly and petty mistake, but one that likely left him with a sour taste. Over the years, Steven has remained popular and fans of Real World Las Vegas continue to wonder what he’s been up to. All Stars should be an opportunity to prove he’s still a competitor, and this time he’s going to play the game right.

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