The Challenge

Kaycee Clark & Nany Gonzalez an Item?

Kaycee and Nany might be an item.

If you’ve been on social media or followed this blog, it shouldn’t be a shock to hear Kaycee and Nany will appear on the upcoming season of The Challenge together. If we learned anything on Total Madness, these two have a really close relationship; one blurring the lines of friendship and romance.

Double Agents didn’t continue this storyline, but it seems we might see more of it on Season 37 (tentatively named Spies, Lies, and Allies).

The season has finished filming, and everyone is back home. Since then, we’ve seen some hints that Nany and Kaycee have been spending time together. It started with an Instagram Story on Nany’s page. It was just someone eating Cheetos (OG fans know Nany LOVES her Cheetos), but the hand eating Cheetos was attached to a tattooed arm. That arm belongs to Kaycee.

Now, Kaycee and Nany are openly posting pictures together.

While these don’t confirm anything the comments seem to imply at bit more. Leave it to Wes to spill some tea. He referred to this as the “first love story to blossom in a bunker.”

This really isn’t a huge deal, and it’s good news if it makes Nany and Kaycee happy. However, someone is unhappy with Kaycee: her ex Taylor. This is the girl Kaycee was dating while filming Total Madness. She was allegedly upset by Kaycee’s flirting with Nany, but the two were able to maintain a relationship.

While Kaycee left the relationship on uncertain terms prior to Season 37, the girls were not officially together. Taylor was upset, and felt deceived by Kaycee. So, she posted a letter Kaycee sent to her. This letter seems to be written during a quarantine prior to filming Season 37.

Clearly, Taylor was not on the same page as Kaycee. It doesn’t seem like their split was too amicable, but Taylor’s side of the story won’t get told unless she posts it online.

I’m sure we will see more once the season airs.


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