The Challenge

Cara Maria Sorbello Announces She Has Retired from The Challenge

Cara Maria says she's passing her Challenge crown.

Recently, Cara Maria posted on Instagram sharing some memories from her time on MTV. These memories come with an announcement: she is hanging up her helmet.

Cara Maria shared a post from her journal in 2009, the day before she left to film Fresh Meat 2. In this entry, she writes that she wanted to win the show to pay off her student loans and provide for her horse Garnett.

Cara Maria has won multiple seasons and competed in more finals. She received enough money to accomplish her goals and more, and now she’s ready for a new Challenge queen. She believe Kam is the new face of the show.

Recently, Bananas and Cara Maria seem to have alluded to the fact that she has been ready to do the show, but she hasn’t been getting a call. According to Bananas, there’s a list of people who haven’t even been returning because production isn’t happy with them.

Now, it seems Cara Maria isn’t ready. She’s done with the show… or so she says. Many people have returned from retirement, so her Challenge days might not be entirely over.


  1. I hope she is happy now in all honesty. I don’t even mean it sarcastically. She just seemed really in bad mental health the last few seasons she’s been on, so I hope now she found her peace and is happy whether she comes back one day or not.

  2. I actually loved Cara Maria from the start of her days on the challenge and if people actually have paid attention they would realize she has dealt with some people’s attitude from the jump. She has tried to be friendly and open but some even believed she was conceited but she had such bad self confidence which took a while for her to build! I also fill like everyone was upset at her for not being fake when if people don’t like each other they are not going to be all nice when it’s not for real! I’m really going to miss her and I would love to see her come back. The show won’t be the same without her or Banana’s!!😭🤞🔥💯

  3. Miss you Cara Maria. The Challenge isn’t the same without you. Your the one I rooted for every season. Hope to see your face back on the screen one day soon.

    1. I always loved her and thought her personality was adorably quirky. She didn’t bother people or backstab like the others but they belittled her every step and poor woman just had to sit and take it. Love to watch her in challenges for sure!!! Do you boo boo!!

  4. Cara Maria and Bananas have always been favorites along with a couple others like CT and Wes. I think we all deserve to see a comeback from the OGs but I also understand getting older hurts the body. You will all be missed and I do hope to see yall again soon 🙂

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