The Challenge

Cara Maria Suggests She’s Still Interested in The Challenge

So, now Cara Maria wants to come back??

Recently, Cara Maria took to Instagram to reflect on her past experiences on MTV. She’s been through a lot, and as viewers, we’ve seen it all. She consistently appeared on The Challenge for about a decade, never taking more than one season off, and then… poof. Cara has been off for four seasons, including the upcoming 38th season.

She revealed at she was burnt out after War of the Worlds 2, which is understandable. She’d just come off of six consecutive appearances and an impressive five consecutive runs in the final.

Of course, that season was exceptionally hard mentally. Her alliance was super successful, but many fans were throwing insults her way. Admittedly, Challenge fans can be a little harsh when their favorite competitors get sent home. But her alliance was edited to look like villains, and while they weren’t always super kind, there’s no denying that they were a strong force in the game. They did such a good job avoiding eliminations that production needed to introduce the skull twist on Total Madness to ensure everyone had to face an elimination.

But this isn’t Cara’s problem. She wasn’t on that season (plus, she’d likely win an elimination anyway, based on her prior record). But since her hiatus, we’ve heard rumors in both directions. A few times, people suggested that Cara Maria and her boyfriend Paulie were banned or retired. But recently, it was revealed that Cara Maria and Paulie were scheduled to appear as mercenaries on season 38, until production had a change of heart.

Despite this, Cara Maria ends her post with encouraging words for her fans. She says that she’ll speak her story someday, but until then, she’s “got a lot of fight left.” Seemingly, this suggest she’s willing to come back to the show. And with the way casting is currently moving, let’s hope it’s true, because she seems very willing to disrupt the status quo.

But if she doesn’t come back, I’m all ears. Spill the tea, Cara Maria.

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  1. Come back Cara Maria, I miss seeing you and your fight to survive the challenge! There just ain’t no quit in you!

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