Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Why Isn’t Amber Borzotra Originally on the Spies, Lies & Allies Cast

Amber Borzotra is on Spies, Lies & Allies, but she's not entering with everyone else.

Coming off a Challenge win, you’d think Amber B. would have demonstrated her potential as a Challenge competitor. Clearly she has some ability to navigate the game, and she’s accomplished more in one season than some competitors have in ten. When she agreed to do her follow-up season, production made her an alternate.

But the previews let the cat out of the bag. Amber is on Season 37, but she doesn’t arrive with the rest of the cast. There’s a lot of new blood this season, but an up-and-coming player isn’t worthy of entering with the rookies. Why would production make this choice?

Truthfully, we don’t know. All I can do is speculate… and speculate I will!

Theory #1: She Doesn’t Have a Lot of Story Lines

On Double Agents, Amber B. was mostly absent during the start of the season. She was paired with Darrell, so flying under the radar was always part of the plan. Perhaps this creates an illusion of her being a boring competitor, but she was playing a longterm game. Not only was Amber following Darrell’s game, she was part of the Big Brother alliance.

Considering the fact that Kaycee, Fessy, and Josh betrayed her on Double Agents, there seems to be some unfinished business. Amber ended the season with CT and took home the championship. She could have entered this season with a new perspective and prepared to work with non-Big Brother veterans. This is more than other veterans can offer to the season, so it’s hard to believe she wasn’t interesting enough for the show.

Theory #2: She’s Part of a Twist

Sometimes, people pop up on the show because production wants to spice things up. Look at Final Reckoning where the mercenaries came into the game and removed some other teams.

That’s simply not the case for Spies, Lies, and Allies. We know production had some issues at the start of the season, so Amber’s entry might be a result of this. There’s also potential for people to get injured like Nicole Z. or Liv did last season. This could warrant a replacement.

Theory #3: They Needed A Safe Alternate

It’s no secret that COVID has made casting reality shows more difficult. A lot of restrictions have been put into effect, and this means getting onto the show is going to be a big time commitment. Production needed someone who understands all of the protocols and will agree to their rules. Amber just went through the process on Double Agents. She knows what she needs to do.

Production likely views Amber as a reliable person due to her behavior on Double Agents. She’s very unlikely to break major rules or get into a violent fight. If they’re looking for an alternate who will follow the guidelines and be available, Amber is a safe bet.

Why is Amber an Alternate?

While this is pure speculation, it’s likely a combination of theories #1 and #3. Amber is new to the show, so fans aren’t accustomed to her yet. However, she did win Double Agents, so she’s recognizable enough. When she comes onto the show, viewers will be somewhat excited, but most people won’t be mad she isn’t part of the original cast.

Plus, production knows she’s dependable. They’ve already given her a big cash prize, and Amber is grateful for her opportunities. Most likely she’ll integrate herself into the game easily, but she won’t be so controversial that she’ll get herself removed in the future. Given the current climate, that’s the type of person production needs as a replacement.


  1. i thought i heard she had tested positive for Covid 19 so she had to be isolated for a longer period until she tested negative

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