Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

The Challenge Spies Lies & Allies: Top Moments from Episode 1

The most important moments on Episode 1 of Spies Lies & Allies

Another mission has started! Great news for fans of The Challenge, Survivor Romania, and 12 Dates of Christmas.

  1. Safe Start

If you watched the pre-show, you know the US agents were chained to cinder blocks. The UK agents were given a book of stats and they enter the game in Mission: Compromised. To start, the international agents run down a path with a hammer and a key. Then, they must smash the blocks, obtain their safes and free an American agent of the opposite sex: this is their partner.

  • Aneesa & Logan
  • Ashley & Hughie
  • Corey & Emy
  • Cory & Bettina
  • CT & Berna
  • Devin & Tracy
  • Fessy & Esther
  • Jeremiah & Tacha
  • Josh & Lauren
  • Kaycee & Emanuel
  • Kyle & Amanda
  • Michaela & Renan
  • Michele & Nam
  • Nany & Gabo
  • Nelson & Priscilla
  • Tommy & Big T
  • Tori & Kelz

On the blocks is a series of numbers and colors, which must be memorized. Yet many of these veterans don’t pick up on this clue and progress through the challenge without memorizing a thing. The competitors must unlock a safe with this information and run to the finish line. After three failed attempts, the safe locks for 5 minutes. Many of the teams can’t figure out the cod because they smashed the blocks with the code on it. Aneesa & Logan finish first, and teams trickle in until all teams complete the mission. Ashley & Hughie finish last and receive a stern warning from TJ. Meanwhile, winners Aneesa & Logan become the “Agency.”

2. The Messy Fessy Returns

It’s Logan & Michele’s birthday! The cast forces them to celebrate and Devin dresses in a leopard Speedo to make himself the center of attention. After the candles are blown, the romances start to spark. Ashley moved to Texas to be near Nelson (or so he believes). Emanuel has his eye on Michele, and Nany has her tongue in Kaycee’s throat. Meanwhile Amanda is flirting with Fessy. She’s mad at him for betraying Nelson on Double Agents, and their romance forces a confrontation between Nelson and Fessy. While Fessy is semi-apologetic and tells Nelson he “owes you one,” Nelson reminds Fessy he didn’t lose an ally: he lost a friend.

3. On the Short List

As the cast gets comfortable in the house, the veterans are trying to meet their new partners. The vets establish an agreement: remove rookies until only veterans remain. This should be a simple strategy, but there are actually more rookies than veterans. Some teams, like Michaela & Renan, are actually devoid of veterans. Depending on the way they play the game, they might be able to rally more numbers. So, Michaela writes a list of names and targets and talks with Michele and Renan. Emy sees the list, and tells Aneesa & Tori. Now Michaela is looking sketchy, and the Survivor USA players have big targets on their backs.

4. Crossed Off the List

We get to deliberation, and Aneesa & Logan lead the meeting as the “Agency.” Michaela acknowledges her list but claims she’s just writing names. Then, she points the finger at Michele and states that her name pops up every time this list is discussed. Then, Emy explains the list is three categories: who to trust, who not to trust, and who to target. Tommy reiterates Emy’s statements, and Tori discovers she’s been the target of the list. Determined to keep the veterans united, the cast votes in Michael & Renan.

5. Doubles Leaving as Singles

At The Lair, the Agency must pick opponents. But would it be a Challenge without a twist? The Agency does not need to send down a pair, they can pick any male and any female. The Agency originally put a target on Corey L. & Emy’s backs, but now they seen an opportunity. Corey gets thrown down, despite Aneesa claiming she is excited to see a black, queer man on The Challenge. Then, they take the opportunity to send down Michele.

In the Back Me Up elimination, competitors start back-to-back on a flat surface. Pairs must push their opponents off the ramp, and Michaela shows a lot of strength. Meanwhile, Renan flops around and Corey starts to take control. The teams stall for a while, but Corey starts inching forward. He gets off the ramps and wins, keeping himself and Michele safe.

Now, the winners can pick any partner other than the Agency. But Nam had to be removed from the game, and Ed comes in as a replacement. Michele goes back to the game and picks Devin. Corey returns and takes Tori. Emy & Ed become partners because they were “abandoned.” Tracy & Kelz become partners because their original partners were stolen.

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