Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

The Challenge Spies Lies & Allies: Top Moments from Episode 19

The most important moments on Episode 19 of Spies Lies & Allies

Eight people are involuntarily placed in cells. Does that make them incels?

1. Not So Symbol

We pick up with two teams. They need to untangle a rope, memorize shapes, dive down and decode the shapes, use the shapes to solve math problems that will allow them to open a safe. If it sounds complicated, that’s because it is. Unsurprisingly, Devin and CT are good at this. Meanwhile, Nelson can’t swim and Kaycee doesn’t know her shapes. The purple cell is off to a lead, but Devin starts to feel weak due to a lack of food and water.

2. Out of Line

The next part of the race requires teams to unchain a “torpedo” and carry it up a hill. At this point, the orange cell takes the lead. They’re moving fast and Devin is struggling, but then they get smacked in the face with a brainbuster. The torpedo is a piece of a puzzle. They need to rearrange the pieces to make three squares, and Nelson recommends making a triangle. Clearly, this team is screwed. They had a decent lead, but the purple cell arrives and CT solves the puzzle faster than Emy can praise Romania. Now, the purple team regains the leader and orange is behind.

3. Roll and Rocks

The next stage of the final involves pushing a ball through a path. This ball holds the materials for the overnight portion of the final, and the purple team has a simple goal: two people push, two guide. Orange has a much different strategy: push the ball really hard and see how it rolls. Surprisingly, it goes off course and falls into the rocks. So, purple gets to the checkpoint first. When orange arrives the cast is taken to a cave to stay overnight. They eat and sleep; there’s really nothing wild about this. Nobody needs to stay up all night, but the hard part comes in the morning. TJ reveals the orange team needs to compete in an elimination. It’s Back Me Up from episode 1, except players compete individually instead of in pairs.

4. Girl Off Girl

To win, competitors need two points. The guys go first, and Kyle uses his height to quickly push Nelson off quickly and get his first point. The second heat is a bit of a longer fight, but it ends in the same result. Nelson goes home in the middle of the final. Then, the girls go. It’s Nany vs. Kaycee. Kaycee’s gonna win, and she does, but she throws Nany a bone and lets Nany win the second heat.

5. It Takes Two

In true Challenge fashion, the remaining players go into pairs. As winners, Kyle and Kaycee get to pick first. They don’t want to work together, so they infiltrate the purple team. Kyle takes Tori, Kaycee takes CT, and Devin and Emy default to working together. Now that they’re in pairs, they’re also in the final leg of the final and it’s a race. Teams must run to the top of the mountain, get a code, then use the code to open a safe. In one safe there’s a black diamond worth a million dollars. And, the teams are in for another twist. The winners can choose how much money they want to share with second and third place- if they want to share at all.

6. A Safe Bet

Now the teams are heading up the mountain, and the race is close. CT & Kaycee are neck-and-neck with Kyle & Tori. They reach the code at the peak around the same time, but CT & Kaycee take off first. They’re moving fast, and Kaycee gets a flashback to Double Agents when she tore a tendon in her knee. Meanwhile, Devin & Emy are in last. So, they take their time memorizing numbers. Their best shot of winning involves the other teams entering the wrong code, but they’re not going to get first dibs. CT & Kaycee get to the safes first, and they take the center safe. Shortly behind them is Kyle & Tori and they take the right safe. Ultimately, it’s a guessing game, and CT & Kaycee guess right. They memorized their code, get the black diamond, and win.

7. The Price of Losing

Kyle & Tori come in second while Devin & Emy come in third. With $500,000 each, the winners get to share their money. So, they give $50,000 to each of the losers. CT & Kaycee get $400,000, and the others get $50,000.

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