Real World Homecoming

Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles Confirmed

Homecoming season 2 reunites Real World season 2.

Good news for fans of The Real World and Real World: Homecoming. A second season is in the works, and this time we’re seeing the Los Angeles roommates reunite. The show will debut on Paramount+, presumably later in 2021. The original Los Angeles season can be viewed there as well.

According to Gamer, the second season of Homecoming will include:

  • Beth Anthony
  • Beth Stolarczyk
  • David Edwards
  • Glenn Naessens
  • Irene Suttner
  • Jon Brennan
  • Tami Roman

Dominic only be making an appearance. Apparently, other Real World roommate will be making appearances too.

Recently, we saw Beth S. on The Challenge: All Stars. Tami has been on reality TV in numerous capacities since her time on The Real World. She did Basketball Wives and Marriage Bootcamp. She is also an actress, and is currently on BET’s “The Family Business” and Apple TV+ “Truth Be Told.” Additionally, she has blocked me on Twitter.

Since his time on the show, Aaron has actively avoided MTV and reality television. Dominic seems to still keep in touch, so his non-permanent status on the show is likely due to outside commitments. In 2017 he met up with Beth and Irene. Perhaps he will join the cast in some capacity, even if just digitally.


  1. LOL I almost spilled my drink all over my keyboard at “she has blocked me on Twitter.” What did you do to her? Lol. Can’t be worst than what people say about her on Basketball Wives. Anyway, thanks for your hard work on all your posts.

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