Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Fessy Struck First: Was He Wrong?

Can Fessy's move to send Amber into elimination be justified at all?

This week, we saw the first veteran get sent into the Lair. Fessy & Esther sent Amber into elimination hoping she’d go home. They stacked the odds for her to lose, giving her Hughie as a partner. But the joke’s on Fessy. Amber won.

Fessy made this move because he was afraid of Amber targeting him and turning on the veteran’s alliance. Ironically, his response caused a divide in the veteran alliance and placed a target prominently on his back.

Earlier in the episode, Kaycee talked to Amber and it appeared Amber was confident in her position with her Big Brother allies. Josh felt it wasn’t smart to target Amber, at least not yet. But Fessy knew he was going to be blamed for betraying Amber on Double Agents. So he struck first.

I think most people would agree that Fessy pulled this move way too soon. Based on the footage we’ve seen, it seems Amber intended to be committed to the Big Brother alliance. If she did betray Fessy, it likely would have been later in the game after she targeted other veterans. He was in a good position, and he blew it up.

By most accounts, Fessy caused a huge wave in the game and ruined a good thing. Now veterans are targeting each other and there’s distrust in an alliance that was really strong at first. This is especially true with the Big Brother Allies and the people closest to this core group. This could allow rookies to advance in the game and it appears to be a glimmer of hope for the newbies.

One thing is for certain, the Big Brother alliance is over. The super veterans will probably view this as an opportunity to skate by and CT, Aneesa, Ashley, Cory, and Nelson will get farther in the game without much effort. Big Brother players will likely be placed on the chopping block sooner than other vets.

Fessy’s move really boils down to insecurity. Nobody was making him do this, and he only thought Amber would target him. There’s no real evidence that she was scheming. Fessy must have been very afraid that Amber would send him into elimination and he’d lose. Now, he certainly has a target. He jeopardized multiple people’s games, and despite the outburst, Josh looks like the logical player.


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