Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Has Josh Ruined His Game By Betraying the Big Brother Alliance?

BREAKING NEWS: Josh actually makes sense.

I am shocked, surprised, and confused. I actually agree with Josh. He’s making a lot of sense this season, but his allies are the shady ones. This week, we saw the Big Brother alliance split in two. One side has Kaycee and Fessy, the other side has Josh and Amber.

Josh claims he has been spending all of his time looking out for the alliance. On the other side, Fessy is looking out for himself. While Kaycee hasn’t directly targeted Amber or Josh, she certainly enabled Fessy.

Keep in mind, there are only four people in this alliance. Based on the format of this season, all four could make it to the final. They don’t need to split up, and if they did need to, it wouldn’t be until much later in the season. Yet Fessy struck early and he caused a split that wasn’t needed.

On Double Agents, Josh came across as paranoid when he wanted to target Jay. In all actuality, the fears were unfounded. This season, Josh’s fears are entirely rational. They’re based on conversations with Fessy then actions in The Lair. Fessy tried to ignore the fact that he stabbed his alliance in the back, but Amber will never forget.

Beneath the surface, it seems the “Big Brother players” are becoming more “Challenge players.” Kaycee has loyalty to Nany that’s probably deeper than her loyalty to Josh. Meanwhile, Josh is working with Devin this season. He has other allies who are playing a similar game. At the end of the day, if Josh wants to win a final, he’d rather run against Devin than Fessy.

This is foreshadowing the inevitable split in the veteran alliance. The division is deeper than Big Brother, and when the veterans split they will have two sides. One will include Josh, the other Kaycee. For now, Josh seems to be playing a more sincere game. Yes, he’s emotional, but he’s reacting to real betrayal and viewers can understand why he’s upset. Kaycee’s distrust in Josh seems odd, especially when we consider that she stuck by his side throughout Double Agents.

On Spies, Lies and Allies, Josh’s game isn’t over. However, he will need to play strategically and put faith in people who have not proven they’re trustworthy. This could be emotionally taxing for Josh, but it could also be the change he needs to be successful on the show.

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  1. I am so sick of Josh’s outburst. He is so annoying. I agree with Fessy. I wouldn’t want anyone around I didn’t trust either, alliance or not.

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