Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Are Gabo & Emy Doomed to Fail?

Gabo and Emy are a team. Have the veterans hacked the game?

After winning elimination, Hughie and Amber decided to pull a strategic move. They stole Devin and Nany as partners, leaving Gabo and Emy without partners. What does this mean? Now, we have another rookie/rookie team in the house.

Their position in the game looks bad, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of hope. It’s no secret that the veterans have a strong alliance, but they’re starting to see cracks. After Amber went into elimination, the veterans aren’t as united as they once were. Plus, we already know Tori has an urge to send in Big T.

While this may look like a glimmer of hope, it’s unlikely that the house will vote in a veteran. Because the house vote needs to be a pair, Gabo and Emy will be the only rookie/rookie pair. If they want to jeopardize a veteran, it will almost definitely be at the hands of The Agency. The bulk of the veterans want to keep their alliance strong.

The best case scenario would be winning in The Lair against a veteran. Unless Gabo & Emy are The Agency, their fate is essentially sealed. As such, they will be the first in a chain of rookie/rookie teams. Winners in The Lair will snatch a veteran partner and force a rookie/rookie pair. Then, the forced team will be the next week’s target.

If Gabo & Emy win in The Lair against a veteran, they can help the rookies reclaim the majority. This will require all rookies to work together and get out a veteran. Theoretically, this could change the course of the game. Most likely, this won’t happen. Even if Gabo & Emy do eliminate veterans, they’ll have a hard time rallying the rookies together to get them to target veterans.

Sadly, the rookies are screwed. The only silver lining would be the fact that rookies are interchangeable. If Gabo and Emy return, they might get a break next week. Veterans don’t seem to care which rookies leave as long as they’re targeting rookies.

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