Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

The Challenge Spies Lies & Allies: Top Moments from Episode 5

The most important moments on Episode 5 of Spies Lies & Allies

Finally, a divide in the veterans.

  1. Muddy Math

In Mission: Minefield the goal is to collect puzzle pieces and solve a puzzle. Cast members start in the middle of a mud pit then go in opposite directions. They must collect puzzle pieces one at a time by overcoming obstacles. The final piece is in a safe that can only be unlocked by solving a math problem. The obstacles include a mud crawl, climbing wall, and a rope pull. It seems the international Survivor players are great at crawling through the mud. Berna, Emanuel, and Logan all have serious speed but encounter issues. Berna doesn’t know math because she went to a circus school. Emanuel’s partner can’t do math, and Logan is paired with Aneesa. During a wall climb, Aneesa falls off her wall and dislocates her shoulder. She’s taken to the hospital, leaving Logan without a partner. Emanuel & Kaycee are the first to meet in the center to solve their puzzle, but CT & Berna are right behind. Little does Emanuel know, CT is a puzzle beast. He swoops from behind and solves the puzzle to “detonate a bomb” and win.

2. Farewell Aneesa

After a trip to the hospital, Aneesa finds out she can’t continue in the competition. After all of her seasons, this is a sad way to leave: with a dislocated shoulder. Tori is crying because her best friend and ally has to leave the game. Logan is sad to see his partner leave because he no longer has a veteran to protect him. But, this also makes him an easy pick for elimination. He can go in and play as a solo agent (or so he believes).

3. Josh Loss

After Amber was sent into elimination, there was a divide in the Big Brother alliance. Kaycee and Fessy took an anti-Amber side while Josh and Amber took an anti-Fessy side. Josh confronts Kaycee and tells her that he feels like the alliance isn’t looking out for him when all he does is try to maintain the alliance. Kaycee is dismissive and claims she’ll no longer be working with Josh. The split is solidifying, but it doesn’t seem like there will be a future for the BB four.

4. Rookie 3-Way

At deliberation, CT & Berna speak first. They want Logan to be the house vote because he no longer has a partner. This might force a single elimination where no females compete. Logan doesn’t want to be house vote because he can’t guarantee he’ll be able to compete against Gabo. Meanwhile Gabo is OK with CT calling him down into elimination. He wants to take back Nany as a partner, but Hughie is upset he could lose his veteran partner and conceivably get Emy as his replacement. Hughie starts shouting and screaming, pissing off most of the house, and it’s a moot point. Logan is voted into The Lair.

5. Rookie Descent

In the Lair, Logan is called down. CT & Berna vote in Gabo. TJ then teases a female elimination, but it’s not happening. The came is called Higher Asset and it’s a puzzle. The goal is to scale a rope 20 ft. to view an answer key. Then, reproduce the puzzle on the ground. Gabo is immediately mad he sees a puzzle, but there is also a rope climb. Gabo does well with that part, but Logan has trained to climb a rope as well. Logan has TJ check his puzzle first, but he’s wrong. This gives Gabo a chance to catch up. Logan is exhausted and takes a break. This allows Gabo to check his work, but Gabo is wrong too. Eventually, Logan musters up the strength and gets a win.

Now, Logan is back and steals Nany. This leave Hughie with Emy, his work nightmare has come true.

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