Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

The Challenge Spies Lies & Allies: Top Moments from Episode 6

The most important moments on Episode 6 of Spies Lies & Allies

This episode is named ‘Alien’ so it better be out of this world 👽

  1. Family Affair

Just like prior weeks, the Big Brother alliance is in shambles. Amanda wonders why Fessy hasn’t apologized to Josh for betraying his partner Amber and sending her to the Lair. On date night, Kaycee and Nany talk about Josh. Kaycee didn’t know how to react when confronted, so she blindly sided with Fessy. Josh shares his feeling with Esther. She listens to Josh, but then she finds herself making out with Josh. Apparently they tried to hide this, even though it was quite visible in the bedroom.

2. Croatia Drift

This week, we get the stunt cars in Turning Agents. The competitors are strapped to the top of drift cars and they’re doing donuts the whole time. They must count symbols on a wall and use the numbers unlock a safe and detonate a bomb. Of course, it’s hard to see these codes when you’re drifting on the street. Ashley and Josh go first and communicate well, so they set a strong time. In the next heat, Emanuel & Kaycee win, which is important to him because he wants to keep Emy safe. If he loses, he might need to compete against her in The Lair. Hughie & Emy lose in their heat, ensuring they’re eligible to go into The Lair. In the end, it appears Ashley & Josh’s time wasn’t as strong as they thought. They lose to Kaycee & Emanuel.

3. Rookie on Rookie

The rookies are all scrambling. Emy & Hughie are the only rookie/rookie pair left in the game, so they know they’re going to The Lair. Meanwhile, Emanuel wants to protect Emy because he likes her. So, he wants to put in the weakest opponents to give her a shot at winning. Jeremiah is likely to go in because he its the only other rookie male who’s eligible to compete for the first time. Meanwhile, Esther feels somewhat safe. Priscilla is trying to lay low, but she could be called into The Lair, but Bettina is also in jeopardy.

4. Showmances and Fake Friends

The cast goes to their private club, and Emy debuts her song Alien. During the song, Amber is vibing in Jeremiah’s arms. While the song gives the cast a moment out of the game, strategy persists. Josh and Esther hook up again, but they also talk about Fessy’s betrayal of Amber B. Then, Esther talks to Berna about Amber. The girls think Kaycee will send Amber into elimination, and they agree they don’t like Amber because she’s “fake.” According to Esther, this is because she goes around the house and tells people she’s nice and loyal. You don’t need to tell people this; you need to show it.

5. Pizzagate 2.0

After the cast returns from the club, Amber starts to make some frozen pizza. It quickly gets eaten up, and Tori blames Fessy for eating the pizza. Fessy is innocent, but this is the straw the broke the dam. Now Amber is confronting Fessy for betraying her. Apparently a lot of people knew about the plan, and Esther jumps into the conversation to claim Amber knew. Amber says she didn’t, Esther says she did, then Esther throws a drink in Amber’s face. The house is erupting into chaos, and Tori and Cory get Josh to bring him into the conversation. Now Josh is confronting Fessy and they’re throwing words back and fourth. Josh claims Fessy will get sent in to every elimination once the veteran alliance splits up. Fessy tries to leave, but Josh keeps following him. Security is holding them back, and eventually Fessy shoves Josh away.

TO BE CONTINUED. Of course we get a 60 minute episode with a cliffhanger.

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