Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Aneesa is Gone. Is Tori’s Game Ruined?

Aneesa is gone. Is Tori's game over or just beginning?

On Double Agents and Spies, Lies & Allies we’ve seen one group of BFFs try to run the game. Tori and Aneesa seem to have a strong alliance, but fate has not been kind to them. On Double Agents, there was a plan (orchestrated by Big T) to get them to face each other in elimination. It worked, and Tori went home. On Spies, Lies and Allies, Aneesa was removed due to a shoulder injury.

Now, Tori seems to be a somewhat rogue agent. Yes, she has her partner, but she doesn’t seem to have a lot of strong allies. When we look at the Big Brother alliance, she’s not part of the core group. Other veterans (like Big T) have had past issues with her. There are only a few people in the house who have strong relationships with her.

Her numbers have dwindled really quickly this season, but is that really a bad thing? On Double Agents she went home due to her alliance. She also has a reputation of being a respected player in the game. Whether or not she deserves this reputation, she does seem to continuously benefit from her perceived strength.

On Total Madness and Double Agents, the skull twist seemed to drive her crazy. She overplayed the game and created a target on herself. This time, she doesn’t have anyone else to look out for. Now that she’s alone in the game, she might want to just lay low.

There’s no doubt that she had a sense of comfort with her friend Aneesa in the game. Aneesa has won challenges, and she seems to pull off some wins on daily challenges. In the longterm game, this friendship probably wouldn’t help Tori a lot. People try to break up couples (like they did on Double Agents). Now, Tori won’t have that target.

Really, Tori is the type of player who could benefit from a low-key game. Aneesa’s departure would allow her to lay low and shift the target somewhere else. It’s not the most interesting path to success, but it can make you successful.

Will she do that? Probably not. Tori has never been a silent player. She’s also never won the show before, so a change in strategy might change her fate.

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