Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Big Brother Blowout: Who’s Really Responsible?

Fessy and Josh are getting into a fight, but who should we really blame?

At the end of Episode 6 of Spies, Lies and Allies, we see Josh and Fessy entering a shoving match. We’ve seen the Big Brother alliance splitting apart for weeks, but there haven’t been any major confrontations. After a night of drinking and pizza, Amber finally spoke to Fessy. The two exchanged some heated words, but the issues we saw on TV were due to the involvement of others.

At the start of the confrontation, Tori seemed to lure Amber into the conversation. Amber made pizza, it got snatched up, but Tori pointed the finger at Fessy. In all actuality, Fessy did not eat the pizza. Tori knew that, but she was just bored. Without Tori’s involvement, none of this would have happened. She also works to bring Josh into the conversation, which escalated the fight further.

Esther also inserted herself into the discussion, but her involvement may have been more genuine. She listened to Amber talk to Fessy, but she was part of the decision to sent Amber into The Lair. So, she was able to side with Fessy and address some of the alleged lies that Amber told. However, Esther played a big role in escalating the argument when she threw a drink on Amber. This is around the time security stepped into the picture to try and separate people.

For a while, Josh was uninvolved with Fessy and Amber’s discussion. He was playing pool, but Cory and Tori went to get him involved. Why did Cory do this? He wanted to stir the pot and get some entertainment. He’s supposed to be part of the veteran alliance with Josh, but he’d rather watch a fight.

Of course, the fight really blew up when Josh got involved. For the most part, Fessy wasn’t even that angry. He did address comments and disagree with Amber, but he barely even raised his voice. He didn’t want to have this conversation, but nobody expected him to remain calm with Josh involved.

When Josh was thrown into the picture, he chased Fessy and antagonized him. Fessy is not innocent at all, but he does attempt the leave. Security pushed him away and he moves in their direction. Then Josh follows behind. Tori and Cory wanted a fight, and that’s exactly what happened.

It’s hard to blame Amber for this fight. Even though she did argue with Fessy, she was lured into a trap. Josh should get some blame, but he wasn’t a part of the conversation until someone brought him into the room. The real blame goes to Tori and Cory. Perhaps Esther helped escalate the fight, but she had some legitimate investment in the dialogue. There are also people like Ed, Nelson, and Big T. They were actively commenting on the fight and enjoying the show, but they’re not really provoking anyone. They’re just creating an environment where drama is welcome.

Ultimately, I blame Tori and Cory. Fessy should have walked away, but he was the center of attention. Josh never helped anything, but he’s Josh. He acted in the exact way we’d expect, and that’s why Tori and Cory wanted him involved. They wanted a show, but they might get more than just a verbal exchange.

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