Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

The Challenge Spies Lies & Allies: Top Moments from Episode 7

The most important moments on Episode 7 of Spies Lies & Allies

We’re back in the middle of the drama.

  1. The Aftermath

We pick up in the middle of the Josh/ Fessy blow-up. Fessy shoves Josh to get away, and he leaves the scene. Now, we’re left with the pieces. Amanda tries to tell Josh that Cory & Tori instigated this drama, and they’re not really his friends. Josh then starts to blame Amanda because she was egging him on, but she reassures him that she’s not the enemy here. Now, the Big Brother alliance is in shambles and the waves extend into the veteran alliance. Amanda is questioning Tori, because she now knows how Tori can manipulate situations.

2. Fessed Up

There’s an eerie feeling sweeping over the house. Josh and Fessy apologize, but Fessy put his hands on Josh. Eventually, TJ comes into the house and he never brings good news. He issues some stern warnings, especially to Esther and Josh. The biggest brunt of this falls onto Fessy. He is kicked off the show, and Josh cries due to his involvement. Even after this, Fessy hugs Josh goodbye as he exits the show.

3. Eazzzy Vote

With Fessy out of the game, Esther is without a partner. The choice seems obvious: vote in Esther. She even acknowledges that she needs to go into elimination if she wants to come back and pick a partner. Now, the Agency should only need to send down one person, so the vote just makes sense.

4. Rookie Revolt

After deliberation, Emy knows her ass is on the line. Even though Emanuel is her friend, she knows she’s doomed on a rookie/rookie team. So Emy could go down into The Lair, win, and get to work with her “dream partner” CT. Meanwhile. Berna is stirring the pot. She talks to Kaycee and lets her know that Amber got very lucky during the whole Big Brother fiasco. She never apologized, and Berna feels she started the fight. CT sees Berna sneaking around the house and knows he has a sloppy partner, but Kaycee does share some of Berna’s feelings.

5. Cage Brawl

The cast walks into The Lair and we see a hall. This can only mean one thing: Hall Brawl. Emy gets sent in to compete with Esther, but the elimination is called Rage Cage. It’s Hall Brawl, but with fencing instead of plexiglass and rope on the ground. First person to ring the bell twice wins. In the first heat, Esther grabs onto Emy. She tries to pull her down, but this puts Esther in the defensive position. Eventually, Esther tires out and Emy wins the heat. The second heat is much quicker, and Emy rings the bell. Now, Esther is going home but she doesn’t leave without telling Amber she’s fake.

Emy’s wish comes true. She’s back in the game, and she snags CT as a partner. Now, Berna is stuck with Hughie as a rookie/rookie team.

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