The Challenge

Is Emy Safe Now that She Has CT as a Partner?

Ems won in The Lair. Will her success last?

On Wednesday night, Emy sacrificed herself into The Lair. Knowing that Esther would be her opponent, she spoke with Emanuel and asked to be sent into elimination. She was on a rookie/rookie team, and she knew that meant she’d be guaranteed to go into the next elimination. So she took control of her destiny. If she could face Esther and win, she’d have the choice of any partner.

She did it! She won in Rage Cage, and she was able to get her dream partner. Now, she is paired with “Uncle CT.”

Will this make her safe moving forward? Potentially. She is in a much better place than she was when she was paired with Hughie. Being paired with CT means she’s unlikely to become the house vote. Nobody wanted to anger CT, and a decision like that would ruffle feathers.

CT has also made it clear that he likes Emy. So, people will also anger him if they send his partner into elimination. We know that his prior partner Berna was sent into elimination by The Agency. While this could have angered CT, it seems he didn’t like working with Berna as much as the episodes seemed to indicate.

Amanda has stated that CT didn’t like being paired with Berna, and we saw the cracks in their relationship when Berna was trying to cast a target on Amber’s back. Now, CT has a rookie he likes much more and Berna is in the hot seat.

Assuming that nobody wants to anger CT, Emy has bought herself at least one week of safety. The only way she’ll become vulnerable in the near-future would required someone stealing CT as a partner. If Berna wins in elimination, she’s a strong contender to take CT back as a partner. That would make Emy vulnerable in the future.

As a rookie, nobody is really safe. However, Emy is building some good relationships and making her strength known. It seems like she is getting more respect with the veterans, and they’re less likely to vote her into elimination unless she’s forced back into a rookie/rookie team. As CT’s partner, that won’t happen right away. In fact, working with CT will probably give her a good shot of being in The Agency. Most people will want to leave her alone out of fear of getting on CT’s bad side. Berna will become her biggest threat in this game, but Berna’s already in a bad position.

Emy’s move took a lot of guts, but she did get really lucky. If Fessy wasn’t ejected from the game, Emy and Hughie would have been voted into The Lair. Emy put her ass on the line when she volunteered to face Esther, but she would have needed to compete in The Lair with Hughie if Esther wasn’t solo. She took her fate into her own hands, now she gets to enjoy the rewards of success.

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