Johnny Bananas

Johnny Bananas and Morgan Willett Have Broken Up

Morgan Willett seems to tell fans that she has broken up with Bananas.

After dating for about two and a half years, it seems Morgan Willett and Johnny Bananas have broken up.

In an Instagram Story (archived on thechallengeshaderoom) Morgan addressed the fact that she has been going through a tough time, and she felt bad sharing positive statements online when she was feeling so upset in real life. She also claimed that her page was a place of positivity where people go to escape reality… which is a bit of a stretch.

Though she didn’t explicitly state this was in regards to her relationship with Bananas, it’s quite easy to read between the lines.

However, there is a screenshot of a private message between Morgan and a fan where she acknowledges that Bananas did cheat, and this is why she’s feeling so bad.

So, it appears Bananas and Morgan are over! The couple met filming War of the Worlds in 2018 and have been together since. Morgan is understandably very upset. The relationship lasted much longer than most people anticipated, but the two were going strong for multiple years. Bananas even competed on multiple Challenge seasons without Morgan and the relationship survived.

Now, it’s time for both Morgan and Bananas to start a new chapter. Maybe one of them will return to The Challenge?


Morgan confirmed the “person she loved” cheated.

Edit #2: Alex Willett, Morgan’s sister, is chiming in. She’s further confirming that Bananas cheated and shouldn’t portray himself as a victim.

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