Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

The Challenge Spies Lies & Allies: Top Moments from Episode 10

The most important moments on Episode 10 of Spies Lies & Allies

Last week we got a cliff hanger. This week, all is revealed.

  1. Three-Sided Diamond

Surprise! The partners are separated and we’re making teams. This week’s challenge is called Diamond Dash, and competitors race down a hill to get sledgehammers. Once collected, they come to three different assignments. They pick one, complete it, get a code, unlock a diamond, and place at the next check point. There, they will find three different podiums. On the podiums, they are creating teams.

The assignments are: Vision Quest- use binoculars to locate a code to unlock your safe, Fitting In- find a box that fits into a wall, scale the wall, and retrieve your code, or Touch and Go- scratch the paint off a board to find your code. Ultimately, everyone will get a diamond. Their speed just lets them pick a team sooner than later.

Ruby Cell:

  • Cory
  • Kyle
  • Logan
  • Big T
  • Emy
  • Priscilla

Sapphire Cell:

  • CT
  • Ed
  • Nelson
  • Amanda
  • Ashley
  • Bettina

Emerald Cell:

  • Devin
  • Emanuel
  • Josh
  • Kaycee
  • Nany
  • Tori

2. Diamonds in the Rough

The “cells” become teams, and now they have a new mission: free their diamonds. They need to race down to rubble with their sledgehammers. Then, they will break bricks so they are small enough to fit into a counterweight system. Eventually, it will raise and allow the diamond to be freed. The Emerald and Sapphire teams work well together, but Devin comes up with a plan. He lays heavy bricks on top of the grate, which lowers it an allows easy access to the counterbalance system. So, more people can put in bricks. This gives them the advantage and the Emerald team wins.

3. Unite or Divide

Now that the Emerald team has won, the other two teams are scrambling. The Ruby team is confident they’re are the weak team so they believe the Sapphire team will be the target. Ashley and Amanda are trying to find a way to sneak through to another week, and Priscilla is feeling anxious. She talks to Tori, and while Tori admires her courage, she can’t neglect the fact that Priscilla broke up the veterans alliance. People are looking for excuses to target others, and Priscilla has a big target on her back. When the Emerald team meets, Priscilla’s names discussed. She is the strongest girl on the weaker team, and they mention Ashley, whose reputation as a snake proceeds her.

4. Rookie Excuses

At deliberation, the Emerald team insists they haven’t made up their minds. Priscilla says she’s never been to a final, she’s a rookie, and she doesn’t know what to expect. She also claims she’s already won an elimination, but other people haven’t gone in yet. Meanwhile, Ashley says she only won on past seasons because of her partners and teams, she’s no better than anyone else. Unnecessarily, Emy wrote a speech. However, old habits can’t be broken. The veterans send in a rookie: Priscilla.

5. Sideline Success

At The Lair, Priscilla is given all the power. She gets to pick her opponent from either of the losing teams. So, the Emerald team does nothing, but they are safe. Priscilla swings bigs and calls out Ashley to face her in Seek and Destroy. The goal is to unbury eight tires and place them on a pole. Then, competitors go to view a series of flashing lights. The tires need to be placed in a specific order based on the sequence of the flashed color. At first, the two girls and neck-and-neck, but Priscilla gets tired. She uses her legs to do most of the digging, but Ashley uses her whole body. So, Ashley starts to move much faster than Priscilla. She gets all of her tires, and starts to memorize the colors. The pattern is confusing, but all of the veterans help Ashley remember the colors. Ashley wins, and she knows she had the support of all of the veterans.

Now, Ashley can return to her team or infiltrate a spot on any other team: even the Emerald cell. But, she stays with the Sapphire team to continue playing with Amanda.


  1. Call me an optimist, but I feel the season is slowly getting better. Now that all the no name players are gone and the vets are starting to go against eachother. Still not an overly exciting season, but finally something is happening.

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