Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Does Ashley Stand a Chance of Scoring Her Third Challenge Win?

Ashley has won an elimination. Is she ready to win the season?

On Spies, Lies and Allies, Devin has placed preference on the non-Champion veterans. This would make CT and Ashley easy targets, and Ashley is feeling the brunt of this. On episode 9, she felt excluded from other veterans, and episode 10 saw rookies target her. Now that veterans are losing thier safety, some people are bound to be picked off sooner than others. Ashley finds herself in a tough position.

So, Ashley found herself in elimination when Priscilla called her out. For the first time in three seasons, she won.

Ashley is a tough competitor to predict. She’s definitely beatable, but she’s never easy to defeat. She’s smart, crafty, and strong. So, she’s never going to give up in eliminations. But, the fastest competitors are faster than her and the strongest competitors are stronger than her. This means some competitions aren’t going to cater to Ashley’s well-rounded nature. However, any weakness is negligible in a final because Ashley is so well-rounded.

Players like Nany and Tori see this. This is why they contemplated voting her into The Lair (even though they inevitably chose Priscilla). Now that Ashley has won, she puts herself in a strong position to intimidate other players. They see that Ashley’s in the game to win, and Ashley has a new level of confidence.

Yet it’s too soon to depend on Ashley getting to the final. She’s in a particularly unique position because she only has one true ally: Amanda. In fact, Ashley is giving Amanda preferential treatment this season because Amanda is a single mother playing for her son. So Ashley absord any target put on Amanda’s back.

This alliance is also smaller than the other alliances in the game. People like Kaycee, Tori, and Nany will work together before they target Ashley. So, Ashley and Amanda will be put on the chopping block multiple times before entering the final.

Ashley could also emerge as heroic this season if she swings for the stars. There is a shot that she will try to clear the path for Amanda to get to the final. So, she might even call out Tori or Kaycee and try to take them out of the game. It would be a gutsy move, but one that could be beneficial.

I think Ashley has a unique role in this game. She could make it to the final, but she may also work to benefit Amanda’s game. There’s no telling what she could do in this game because she has strength, but she’s a little crazy. Other competitors should fear her, and they know it.

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