The Challenge

Most Notable Challenge Parents

When Kyle said he was going to be a parent, these Challengers said "join the club."

The past couple of episodes have featured calls back home. This has allowed some of the Challenge babies to make appearances on the show. Most importantly, Kyle saw his girlfriend’s sonogram. While filming Spies, Lies and Allies, he was expecting his first child.

Fortunately, little baby Crew has arrived! The family is all healthy, and the real pictures look much better than any sonogram. Now, Kyle is one of the Challenge parents. He has permission to spend every future season reminding us that he’s “doing this for his family.”

A lot of people have used their kids as a motivation on The Challenge, and these are ten of the most notable names. If a Challenger is not on this list, it could be for a few reasons. Perhaps they had their child after retiring from the show. They also might not talk about their kids that much, which means their reputation as a parent is less important when analyzing their Challenge persona. If someone is omitted from this list, it doesn’t discredit their parenting skills. It just means someone didn’t write their name on the internet.

I’ve also placed far less emphasis on people who returned as a parent after years away. Early competitors (like Puck for example) did a Challenge about a decade after The Real World, and life happens off screen. All Stars has also given us a lot of parents on the show. So, people like Kendal or Yes are great parents, but this isn’t part of their characters after 16+ years away. The emphasis is placed on people who appeared on The Challenge during their transitions into parenthood.

Honorable Mention

Belou Den Tex

While Belou had her first daughter in the gap between Road Rules: Europe and Battle of the Seasons, she brought the kid onto the show. This makes baby Lioje intertwined with Belou’s life as a Challenger.

10. Derrick Kosinski

When Kyle said he was going to be a parent, the Challengers said "join the club."

Derrick might be the original “Challenge parent.” While he’s not the first parent to appear on the show, he came onto The Island with his new son as his motivation. He kept a family shrine by his bed on later seasons, a sacred place that sparked a fight between him and Bananas on The Ruins. If you want to feel old, just know that this son is now a teenager, even though he was barely half-a-year when The Island filmed.

9. Da’Vonne Rogers

Coming from Big Brother, Da’Vonne has always had a reputation of fighting on the shows for her Daughter Kadence. While she might not talk about Kadence as much as other people mention their kids, we all know she loves her daughter. Kadence is her motivation, and when Da’Vonne gets her second wind, she’s pushing for her daughter.

8. Theresa Jones

Having kids might have given Theresa a reason to fight, but it never took the fight out of her. On Double Agents, she returned after giving birth to two daughters. Theresa wanted to prove that their mother was a badass (just like their father TJ Jones). Theresa didn’t win, but she did have some tricks up her sleeve. No doubt, her kids will be impressed when they see how clever their mother is. After the season, she announced baby #3, meaning she’s unlikely to compete again any time soon.

7. Darrell Taylor

While the term “dad bod” was never part of his vocabulary, Darrell did have two kids between Fresh Meat 2 and Invasion. His son was born prematurely, and while he is healthy, Darrell competed on Champs vs. Pros for the March of Dimes, winning $55,000 for the organization!

6. Robin Hibbard

Robin took a break from The Challenge after The Duel 2. Apparently, she found out she was pregnant shortly after that season (meaning she was pregnant on the show). A couple of years later she would return to The Challenge. She spent time on Battle of the Exes missing her son, but she did make it far that season. Arguably, you could call Exes her best Challenge performance.

5. Brad Fiorezna

After Cutthroat, Brad left The Challenge to start a family with Tori. After the divorce, he returned to the show ten seasons later. He had two sons back at home, and people were quick to bring them up. His Final Reckoning partner, Kyle, even mentioned Brad’s sons when he was getting targeted.

4. Amanda Garcia

When Amanda came onto Spies, Lies and Allies, she came with a new sense of purpose. After War of the Worlds, she had a son. While she has always fought to provide for her family, he son has given her a reason to fight harder this season.

3. CT Tamburello

When CT returned on Invasion, he was a changed man. He came onto the show competing for his son “CJ.” He won that season, and left with a lot of diaper money. While he talks about his son less nowadays, he has stated that he did War of the Worlds 2 because CJ needed ice cream money.

2. Cory Wharton

Cory might have done a couple of seasons before he was a dad, but Mr. MTV met Cheyenne, Ryder’s mom, on Rivals 3. He’s since had a second daughter, Mila, with Taylor from Ex on the Beach. Now, he splits his time on Teen Mom and The Challenge, but he never misses an opportunity to tell you he has two daughters.

1. Tony Raines

It’s hard to forget that Tony Raines has kids. The man has earned the nickname “Tony Two Kids” and is constantly competing for his family. Every step of his Challenge journey has been paralleled by his family life, and he likely motivated Kyle to have kids.

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