Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Is The Ruby Team Screwed?

Ruby almost won this week. Is "almost" the closest they'll ever get?

This week, we saw a tight race to win the Satellite Sabotage mission. Of course, the emerald team won, but the shocker was the fact that the ruby team was competition. The team consists of Cory, Logan, Big T, and Emy. The fifth slot was held by Kyle, but he swapped with Nelson.

In fact, if Kyle hadn’t messed up, the ruby team would have won. While they certainly displayed some ability to perform, they also highlighted their biggest issue. The ruby team isn’t made of the smartest players in the game. They can jump, fight, and run, but they’re not going to solve any type of puzzle. They also might ignore some of the rules and play by the skin of their teeth.

To be honest, Nelson is comparable to Kyle as a player. He doesn’t think well under pressure, but he will give every challenge 100%. Even though he didn’t complete the Satellite Sabotage mission, he jumped without fear. But, Nelson isn’t going to change the tides for the ruby team.

As soon as we see a mission involving a puzzle, ruby is out of the running. The emerald team will need to rely on Devin, and the Sapphire team is stacked with CT, Ashley, and Amanda. Meanwhile, the ruby team will need to pray Big T can think under pressure.

This is the fear of having three teams on a Challenge. It’s possible that one team is full of duds. On Cutthroat, the gray team seemed like it should have been the disasterous one, but they surprised everyone. Meanwhile, the ruby team on Spies, Lies and Allies is underperforming like everyone expected.

The future doesn’t look bright for the ruby team. However, people will try to escape the ruby team if they win eliminations. The dynamic on Spies, Lies and Allies is never stagnant. It makes the season confusing, but in this case, it gives some players hope.

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