Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

The Challenge Spies Lies & Allies: Top Moments from Episode 12

The most important moments on Episode 12 of Spies Lies & Allies

It seems like this episode is going to be a celebration!

  1. Snakes, Lies and Allies

The cast returns from The Lair, and Kyle gets a few congratulations. Then, Nelson needs to get a word in. He calls Kyle a snake for stealing his place on the sapphire cell. Nelson had no warning, Kyle just made a decision and screwed him over. Nelson is very upset, but Cory steps in to calm him down. Cory’s a ray of positivity, claiming that he thinks the ruby team is stronger with Nelson on it. Meanwhile, Kyle’s motives are revealed. He wants to be with CT and Ashley in the final because they know how to win. If he’s part of team sapphire, he’s likely on the winning team.

2. Fumbling the Bag

The cast shows up for a very special mission. It’s going to take place on the 500th episode of The Challenge. The mission is called Brush Contact and it’s a headbanger! It’s formed around two traits central to every spy: invasion and deception. First, the men must run bags of money across a field and relay them to the women. Then, the women take the bags and bring them to the end zone where they’re banked. The bags contain either $1,000 or $3,000, making the maximum score $10,000. While one team plays offense, another team will play defense. In the first heat, all the men on the emerald team bypass Kyle and CT. Then, the women need to run. Kaycee and Tori cross the line, but Nany is taken down by Amanda. She tries to get up, but her bags fall out of bounds. Emerald totals $8,000 banked. The sapphire heat goes second, and CT immediately runs $4,000 out of bounds, so they can’t win. In the final heat, Nelson and Cory deposit their bags. Logan throws a bag to Cory, and Cory catches it in the “safe zone.” But, money cannot be transferred in the safe zone and it’s a $3,000 bag. So, ruby can’t win either. This means emerald wins again.

3. Rookie Roulette

There’s a plan in motion to get Emy and Bettina into elimination. CT wants Emy to win and infiltrate the sapphire team, but Bettina doesn’t want to face Emy in a physical elimination. So, Bettina proposes that she becomes the house vote. This would allow her to pick her opponent: Bettina if it’s a puzzle or Amanda if it’s physical. Amanda catches word of this rumor and tells Emy. Then, Emy confronts Bettina and starts yelling. She feels like Bettina is being sneaky and isn’t talking to her like she’s a human. The next morning, Amanda comes up with a plan to manipulate the emerald team. She tells Devin doesn’t want Bettina to be called down. If Bettina’s called down, picks her, and she wins, she will take Tori’s spot on the emerald team.

4. Emerald-Eyed Monster

At deliberation, Bettina asks to be compromised so she can pick her own opponent. While many people understand her position, Amanda doubles down on the fact that she will infiltrate the emerald team if she wins in elimination. So, Josh tells Bettina she’s a risk. She won’t give The Agency clarity, but Emy guarantees she’ll transfer to sapphire to be with Uncle CT. This motivates The Agency to send in Emy instead of Bettina.

5. Swing and a Mistle

At elimination, Emy needs to call out her opponent. She talks to CT, and he says Bettina, Amanda, or Big T would be an easy win in a physical game. His head tilts toward Big T, but Bettina gets called down. The game is called Bombs Away and there’s a mistle attached to a rope. The goal is to swing the mistle and knock down five targets. Many people but their confidence in Emy, but Bettina claims this is a good game for her. Emy seems to have the rhythm down, and she slowly starts hitting her targets. Meanwhile, Bettina gets tired and forgets she’s racing Emy. In the end, Emy gets the win.

Now, Emy has the chance to make her dream come true. She gets to go onto team sapphire with CT. She stole Amanda’s spot, making Amanda a ruby player.

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