Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Is Logan Playing an Amazing Game? Or Did He Blow Up His Game?

Logan’s on team sapphire now. Is this a good move, or one of the worst?

This week, Logan and Josh got to chatting… in Spanish. Being from Spain, this is Logan’s native language while Josh is bilingual. While the conversation wasn’t anything extraordinary, there’s an obvious connection between the two. Throughout episode 13 of Spies, Lies and Allies, we’d see the extent of this friendship.

After winning another mission, the emerald team had the power to send someone into elimination. Josh promised Cory safety, but as soon as his team had the chance to deliberate he mentioned Cory’s name. When Logan was discussed, Josh tried to steer the conversation in another direction. In the end, it seems Josh’s aversion to voting in Logan was respected. Cory was sent to The Lair.

So, was this move an attempt to further crush the veterans’ alliance? Kind of.

Most likely, The Agency knew we’d see Logan in elimination. If they voted in Logan, he could pick any veteran male as his opponent. If they sent in Cory, they know he’d opt to compete against Logan. So voting in Cory protected people like CT and Kyle.

Cory was mad, made some threats, but didn’t follow through. Logan won in elimination and Cory was sent home. This left Logan with the ability to swap teams.

At deliberation Logan promised he’d return to the ruby team. After winning, he proved he was a liar. He didn’t return to team ruby, but he also didn’t infiltrate the emerald team. He switched to team sapphire.

This seemed like an odd decision, and one that wasn’t explained well in the episode. Moving off of team ruby made perfect sense, but Logan seems foolish to pass on an opportunity to work with the emerald team. The sapphire team does have CT and Ashley, but they keep losing. Emerald is the team that keeps winning.

Most likely, Logan is trying to maintain his relationships with the members of the emerald team. They didn’t send him into elimination this week, and the end of the game is approaching. This is the time when people will make big moves. If Logan is on the sapphire team with CT, he’ll never have to face CT in elimination when his team wins. He might have some safety from the emerald team, and he guarantees the ruby teams remains underdogs.

From the looks of it, Logan’s in a good spot right now.

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